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I write about horses and other creatures kissing. The gayest of kissing


This story is a sequel to After-Thoughts, or How to Express Yourself in a Way that Makes Sense

Following a horrendous Guardian/Teacher conference between Grampa Gruff and (The Great and Powerful) Student Counselor Trixie, Gallus wonders what to do next, and where he truly belongs in Equestria. If he belongs there anyway.

Which is made more difficult when trying to be gay covertly with his boyfriend.

Follows Season 9, Episode 20: A Horse Shoe-In.

Cover art is drawn by, uh, "6jjcgf0d1etqx1tp" on Derpibooru. Or gd_inuk. I am unsure.

I didn't mean to base my story on it, but it ended up being perfect for me anyway.

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Normally I'm GallusxSilverstream... But I will not deny that this was touching.
Good work πŸ‘

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the pairing.

I'm really excited to see where this goes! I really enjoyed their cuddle session, and I hope we get to see more sweetness in the coming chapters.

Haha, I hoped so too!

Hey, just wanted to tell that i like this story sooo much. Good luck with future works!

That means a lot to me.
Thank you very much.

This whole series has been a whirlwind of good gay awesome. I really hope there are more installments. I stopped watching the show quite a bit before the Young Six stepped into the story (I stopped watching regularly around season six and barely touched anything after). Despite, this I've found a lot of good stories about these characters, and no matter how unfamiliar they are to me, I can tell there's a lot of quality in these. Some very great gays you've got here. :heart:

So, as I went back to give this a re-read, I noticed something you might want to consider editing. The acronyms of WLW and MLM just don't work for ponies because they lack women and men. While MLM could reasonably exist as a phrase for them, it would end up meaning mares loving mares, and last time I checked neither Gallus or Sandbar fit the definition of a lesbian/bi girl/etc in-story. I'd have it as FLF (females loving females) if you really wanted to preserve the MLM in order to change the implied definition to 'male' instead of 'men'. Or, I would suggest just replacing both abbreviations with Stallions-loving-Stallions and Mares-loving-Mares in the text. I think that FLF and MLM would be more fitting for general use that's species-inclusive.

I really like this story . Good luck with your future works . ❀

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