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Really disappointing lack of Student Six shipping variety... · 12:32pm Mar 3rd, 2020

Something I noticed with S6 ships is that no one is really willing to experiment with their possible shipping dynamics the same way we do for the Mane 6. Seriously, dig around for a bit, and you’ll find hundreds of fics for literally any arrangement of the Mane 6 paired off. But for the Student 6? It’s pretty much just Gallstream, Yonabar, some Gallbar for flavor and Smolcellus simply because they’re the only two left. I can think of maybe three Smollus fics in total that I have seen on this

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Comment posted by 23 KM To Nerdiness deleted Aug 30th, 2022

That's okay I understand take your time and whatever you choose to do either to continue or not it's up to you. I don't mind.

Hey, sorry for taking... literally years to reply to this. I honestly just don’t check my main page comments like, at all.

Anywho, as far as Road to Justice is concerned, I actually have been feeling less and less inclined to work on that one as I ended up getting distracted by other stories, and not just ones on this site. It’s actually a bad habit of mine to leave stories unfinished because I get distracted starting entirely new stories.

That said, I do WANT to continue it. Part of me kind of wants to start from scratch because of all the stuff that happened in the show that directly contradicts the fanfic (Diamond Tiara’s mother being the most glaring). Part of me just wants to say screw it and continue it as is, continuity be danged.

It doesn’t help that the next chapter has been almost complete for over a year now, I just got a few more pages to write. I’m just having trouble mustering up the motivation.

Like I said, I’m trying to actually follow through on my stories now rather than leave them half-baked. So I can’t say for certain I’m GOING to continue Road to Justice, but if I do, I will definitely try to finish it.

Excuse me but when are you going to do an update On the road to Justice
I've been waiting for a long time and I really like the story
and I know you might be busy and I'm sorry for disturbing you if you are busy but just wanted to know if your planning to update it.
If that's alright with you

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