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Years after Graduation, Gallus and his friends have all made successful lives for themselves. While they may have drifted apart, they still kept each other in their hearts.

But with the annual School of Friendship Reunion underway, Gallus is ready to reconnect with friends, revisit old haunts, and reignite those very bonds.

But time affects everyone differently. And Gallus will have to learn that the more things stay the same... The more things change.

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I did not expect Gallus to end up in that profession. And that was a nice surprise at the end there. Can't wait to find out who the father is...


Wow. Gallus is a great teacher.

Yona and Sandbar have kids?!


Smolder's gonna be a great mom.

Tiny green balls of fur and horns, Pony-Yak Hybrids, Sandbar calling them kids, and referring to their mother as Yona... the implications are beautiful.

bruh those "implications" are about as subtle as a yak stampede

yo, this gonna update soon?
it's going good so far

“Oh, I can imagine. Still I never thought, out of everyone in your little gang, that it would be you and Smolder. You two make a lovely couple.”

This made me laugh so much, I don't know why. Great story, btw!
Also, it says Celestial instead of Celestia

Great story so far! the prose is strong and i love the concept. I look forward to the next chapter :twilightsmile:

so the funny thing is, this chapter implies startrix(a little) but canon implies starburst(where do you think luster dawn came from)
we got dueling ships

I’m an alumni at the School of Friendship -- alumnus. Alumni is plural.

Great story so far! keep up the good work!

Awesome read! I love how you integrated Luster Dawn and the changes to Chapter 3!

This is amazing! Hope you update soon xx

my one real gripe with this story is that it doesn't update too often
it's real damn good

Yep. This story is getting a follow tag.

Please tell me Starlight and Trixie actually bought a house or something and weren't living in Trixie's cramped-ass wagon

This is a really good future fic. I'm a bit iffy on the references to The Last Problem because of my issues with that episode, but your story is a good one. I can imagine Gallus being a teacher easier than I can imagine him as a royal guard. Good job reconciling what canon released after you started posting your story. Being a guard while trying to earn a teaching degree must've been a nightmare for Gallus.

I love your portrayal of Sandbar and Yona's relationship in this future. Sandbar's earth pony strength allows him to keep up with his family. They managed to have cute little yak-pony hybrids, and they call each other 'honey', and they still do the Yakyakistan jump around dance. Just everything about them is adorable.

Ocellus, Smolder, and Silverstream are all in interesting positions too. Well, Smolder and Silverstream are anyway. Still have to find out what Ocellus is up to these days. Smolder is a great single mom, and I can see how Silverstream would go into the sort of career she did.

With Yona and Sandbar paired up, Gallus and Smolder in the process of being paired up, does that mean Silverstream and Ocellus will be paired later on? I wouldn't mind a cute hippogriff-changeling couple.

Great job so far!


This is my favorite Student 6 Future Fic. Everything's very polished. Well done.

Congratz, you got featured. 10/28/2019

>not a unicorn


I actually hope Mirage is adopted, because it doubles-up on an already wonderful message of giving a chance to kids who never had one.

Very well done, the writing was well though out. Bravo author.
I wished there were others who agree with this idea, gallus being adopted by trixie.
Does anyone know any other stories with that idea.

I didn't think about it much before but Changelings are pretty much empaths.

An Earth Pony studying magic, is Mirage based off the idea of G5 Twilight?


This is so cute I actually can't

Very natural relationship progression, and a sweet story all-around. Nontraditional families like Gallus's always have an underlying wholesomeness to them, because they give a start to children who were never given a chance.

Awww... this is just soooo adorable. Hope you update soon!

Only one chapter in, I'm already mashing that thumbs up button. Honestly, I could read a while story on the (mis)adventures of Gan and Gyldie. The fact that relatively incidental characters managed to steal the show like that is awesome.

Oh, the banter between Smoulder and Gallus could go ON if you let it. I'm a big fan of their dynamic.

Sooooo... This means Smolder's already met his parents, right?

... I'll see myself out for that one.

It's been a decade since you last updated.

Well, I just found this story and binged it up to here, and all I can say is, this is fantastic and I hope you continue it, whenever you get the time of course.

Whoops! Sorry, I took a break for the holidays and things got kind of taken away from me. I’m kind of juggling two fics now, so I’ll see about working on an update for this fic when I finish the update for the other fic.

No need to apologize lol It was a joke
Take as much time as you want

Just caught up to this chapter... it’s sooo adorableee!! I love the way you introduced Gallus’ family and the relationship dynamics between them, as well as the pairing between Gallus and Smoulder. Can’t wait for more! :heart:

Professor Gallus looked around his classroom.

Immediately, I'm picturing him wearing glasses. I know it's sort of a stereotype, doing that, but, y'know, Gallus wouldn't look half bad with glasses. :pinkiehappy:

Misanthropy is hatred of human species... no humans apply here in this story.

Is this story anthro? There's a lot of inaccuracies. The use of the words hand, man, and so on. Throws this off alot.

Smolder laughed. “Sandy, at this point, our group dynamic can best be described as ‘Tags on a Fanfiction site’.”

Hey! No breaking the fourth wall, Smolder!

That's Pinkie Pie's job.

And occasionally Silverstream's should Pinkie be unavailable for some reason. :rainbowlaugh:

Well, more like Starburst is hinted as possible, but far from confirmed. The show's staff wanted to leave us fans free to interpret it anyway we liked and not have to be nailed down to any particular one, and I applaud them for it (a large part of the fandom's success was that freedom for us fans to fill in the blanks ourselves). And as for Luster Dawn...that's not necessarily set in stone either, and the show's staff seem quite undecided as if they're all actually related to the point they're conflicting with each other--it was clear that they hadn't really thought about it when putting together the finale, and that any resemblances with other characters was probably more unintentional than anything. Again, left up to us fans to interpret.

Meaning this fic ain't obligated to pursue either of these if it don't want to. :raritywink:

“Oh, for sure.” Gallus said, shutting Gaster up. “And when we’re done with that, I can bring them back home to Griffonstone. My dragon friend can set fire to your house, my yak friend can smash the charred remains, my changeling friend can devour your soul, and my hippogriff friend, who’s a princess I might add, can call for your execution. But don’t worry, my pony friend will sing a nice song to cheer you up.”

I came back to this fic to find this exact statement. I am going to be holding you to this, I want to see (or read about in this case) the look on that griffon's face as the Young 6 give him the biggest scare of his life. Plus with the connections Gallus has, Gilda can even make an appearance to make this whole operation seem all the more real to the poor unsuspecting griffon.

Trying to at least. Everything going on, it’s kinda hard to sit myself down and actually put thought to paper. Definitely want to keep this story going, it’s just a matter of motivating myself to actually do it.

Sorry to do this to you all, but it’s time to stop putting off the inevitable. For the time being, this story is going into hiatus.

While I would love nothing more than to continue this story, certain health concerns are making it impossible to put any focus on the next update.

Once these health concerns are dealt with, we’ll see about coming back to this fic, but until then, all further updates are suspended.

I apologize profusely for this, but believe me when I say it’s for the best.

Everybody stay safe, and stay healthy.

Good chapter. Also in this spot, "Not even needing a second to debilitate the question." Might you have meant [ debate ] ? Ah the wily typo faster than the speed of smell.

Aw yiss, more of best student ship!

Or "deliberate on" can also work.

Quite right, and would be better than debate

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