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Top tier shitpost. I wonder who Silverstream was based on, with her excellent taste in romance.
This still stands, Jack.

mfw silverstream's a better writer than me 😔

He returned to his prep work. He only had a few seconds before the rest of the gang arrived, so he had to work fast. Ever the thoughtful friend, Sandbar had laid out a smorgasbord of snacks custom-tailored to each of his friends’ tastes. A bowl of fire-roasted gems for Smolder, candy hearts for Ocellus, fish sticks for Silverstream, chocolate coins for Gallus, and hot cocoa with marshmallows for Yona.

this part is adorable

“It’s, uh…” Ocellus had to choose her next words carefully. It was Silverstream’s first time ever writing a story, so she had to be gentle, lest she might quash her friend’s newfound love of writing. “That was… yeah. Good job?”

pray for bugs

high art 10/10 i'll be contacting RCL shortly

Jack. You know what you did. I'm coming for you.


I'm coming for you.

heh, heh.

:rainbowlaugh: Top tier rhymes. The twist left me in shambles. 10/10

sounds like a rap battle to me
imma unlash my cash and stash it in your ass

“You’re a switch,” Gallus scoffed and walked into the room.

Pffff, Gallus

This was glorious

this is trash i hate myself now


I will #prayforbug

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