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“Doesn't matter what they say,/In the jealous games people play,/Hey, hey, hey,/Our lips are sealed.” -The Go-Go’s, ‘Our Lips Are Sealed’

Yona and Sandbar have been together for quite a while now. However, their friends have a serious question to ask them: have they....you know, done it?

Cover art commissioned from Amy New.

UPDATE 2/24/2021: Added cover art.

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Awww this was a pretty cute story of these two and of course their fries had to make fun of them even though they're just playing around and I guess they set them up for a date just the two of them and they look like they were sleeping together it's pretty cute seen these kids in love this was a very nice story keep up the good work

Please, stop tormenting Ocellus, I don't think she can handle this many euphemisms!

One would think Changelings would be better at beating around the bush :trollestia:

Okay this was good. Not so innocent, but still good.

Maybe Sandbar should have just gone to his house.

Dawwwa, this was super cute. A really nice exploration of their early relationship. Also
That don’t stop believing be got me good.

Guh, this was teeth-meltingly sweet. I love these little looks at the early stages of a relationship, when they're still trying to figure out their true feelings. Yona is just adorable beyond words, as well.

Great job, my dude! :twilightsmile:

Dies in cuteness:heart:

This was a great story to relax and enjoy.
Thank you for posting.

Perhaps Sandbar and Yona should tease them on the relationships of Gallus & Silverstream and Smolder & Ocellus.

Strong hugs secure for the passionate hugs of the future!

So much adorableness! Must add to favorites!

for all your sex innuendo needs, tune in to dom irrera

this is fucking cute
just what i needed after today

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