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Seven years have passed since Grand Pear moved to Vanhoover, and time has dulled the pain of leaving Pear Butter behind. Though the scars remain, life for the Pear family has done its best to return to normal.

But one day, a letter from Ponyville comes in the mail.

Featured on Equestria Daily! 10/3/17

Featured by The Royal Canterlot Library 9/7/18!

Russian translation!

Paul Asaran
Seattle's Angels

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It hurts, man. My own life has had some similar events, or at least the potential for similar events, and I think about it a lot. This is my deepest thoughts, acted out.

10/10, it hit me harder than the actual episode upon which this is based.

this chapter is very well written and i love it so far but when you said

She climbed aboard just as the train slammed into life, jerking slightly as the engineer pulled out the slack in the train’s couplers.

That I didnt quite understand....try not too overboard with the train lingo (i know good and well you get off to trains :raritywink: )

welp, now I want to know how it ends. nice bait you dangled in front of your readers.

“Do you think daddy would want to speak to me again?”

Hahaha, totally didn't almost tear up at that line (almost being that I'm an a-hole). Also, congrats on that feature, bro!

This feeling...

This feeling I feel...

It feels so deeply!

This feeling I feel feeling deeply!

Couplers are the mechanisms that couple train cars together. When a train begins to move, the couplers might not be stretched tight, so as each car is pulled into motion, the couplers first have to be pulled taut, which causes a slight jerk. It’s not as noticeable in modern trains because couplers are more sophisticated today than those used during the heyday of the steam locomotive in the late nineteenth century. (I’m not a train buff, but I am a word and history buff. :twilightblush:) I’m not sure what operating system or Web browser you’re using, but see if highlighting and right-clicking on an unfamiliar word or phrase will provide an option to look up a definition for that word or phrase; I’ve found that to be pretty handy on occasion.

This was a great story exploring Grand Pear. I'm liking your take on his reaction to all that happened. Very well done.

although the ending felt a little rushed, it was still nicely done. the story was told to its full and that's all an author could hope for. well done man.

Péra... Clever! And nice touch!

I already viewed Grand Pear as a Texan feller. Now with that name Péra for his wife, you nailed it even more. Grand Pear, a Texan feller married with a beautiful yegüita.:eeyup:

Love the episode The perfect Pear, one of the saddest & one of the best.

Thumbs up!👍


I realize now that the train nightmare was supposed to be foreshadowing the letter, but I didn't realize that until after the fact. Hindsight is 20/20, isn't it?

Well done. Another story for my emotional bookshelf.

great story had me in tears

Those who do not bend will eventually break. The question then becomes whether they can be repaired.

A solemnly beautiful tragedy of missed opportunities, one that brilliantly capitalizes on the ambiguity of Pear Butter's mother. Thank you for it.

Author Interviewer

Ouch. ;_; It hurts so good.

Ow... ;-; that hurt deep with feeling Grand Pear's guilt. Very well done >< very well done

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