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Starlight did something bad. Really bad.

It was just a single moment, a single lapse of judgment. In the heat of that second, she tried to kiss her best friend.

That was three days ago, and she hasn't seen Trixie since. Before that attempted kiss, she'd looked forward to seeing Trixie at Twilight's Hearth's Warming party, but now that it's here, she dreads it. She's going to have to say a lot of the right things if she wants to keep the best friend she's ever had.

Provided, of course, that Trixie even shows up.

Written as a gift for libertydude, my contribution to Jinglemas 2018.

With thanks to FamousLastWords, ChappedPenguinLips, and B_25 for their help.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 11 )

This came out rather well. You could've fooled me with what was in that author's note.

Wonder if they attempt the GGG public make out?

Very sweet, very cute!

I'm a little torn, though. It's nice to see feelings reciprocated, but if more time was available, I would like to see how this would play out if Trixie didn't want to be more than friends. It would be a refreshing wrinkle to see how these two work things out in order to stay friends.

I liked how Spike was used here. He's pushy enough that he'd try to get things moving as fast as possible. That little brother that can't get the hint that he's not helping. It's not like he's ever struck out with the ladies before. :raritywink:

Despite the time crunch, good job on this!

“Maybe a minute of angle or two counterclockwise?” Twilight’s wingbeats echoed off of the room’s high ceiling in a nauseating rhythm, counting off every second as it dragged by.

(a) Minute of arc
(b) Damn, Twily, I think that may be a new high in OCD (for those who don't know, a minute of arc is a 60th of a degree. She's literally worried that it's a 216,000th off of straight)
(c) I kinda want to use angles to measure gayness now. "How gay are you" "Oh, about 35°"

Wow, this is gay! :D

Well that was sweet. And Spike you are so screwed

Okay so you nailed Spike. Him being the confidence romancer type in aiding Starlight was hilarious and actually sort of fit something he might do.

The Starlight/Trixie stuff was quite adorable to. You did a real good job of writing the awkwardness between them well, I even cringed a bit at times at the situations Starlight got stuck in, and the ending was nice a sweet!

Listen here, now that's a good title.

Oh my gosh, this was so adorably fluffy. I love how you wrote Spike in this. I could totally see him acting this way to help one of his friends with a romantic dilemma, even while he's still all googly eyes over Rarity. And Starlight's freaking out, both positively and negative—I absolutely loved the image of Starlight's "jackpot" moment—was spot-on. Plus, experienced showmare Trixie is my headcanon, so I was glad to see that here as well. Overall, just an awesome StarTrix fic. :heart: Thanks for writing this!

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