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Romans 8:31 || I used to be relevant too, Reginald. || PM me with any story related questions.

Chapped's Site Staff FAQ

Who is ChappedPenguinLips?

I'm ChappedPenguinLips! On site, I'm a writer, and I like to think I'm a good one, too. I'm an editor, reader, site story approver, and super friendly extrovert (I try to be at least). Off site, I'm a first year college student studying "communications," though it's all gen ed for now. I'm a basketball player, I love to sing, act, and listen to music. I'm a Christian, and I'm unashamed! Romans 1:16. I enjoy talking about a wide variety of topics, and I am employed at a Chick-Fil-A, so nothing special, but it makes money~.

I really pride myself in being, well, me! I'm very extroverted, positive, and I try my best to be the best I can for myself and others. I love people, like, a lot, I feel like that's an important thing to mention about me. With that being said, if you shoot me a PM, I will try my best to answer! I love meeting new folks. :twilightsmile:

Why the Name 'ChappedPenguinLips?'

"Branding" is the simplest answer. It might have something to do with the fact I like penguins. Or the fact 'The Penguins of Madagascar' was my favorite show growing up. Or, it's because my first flag football team was "The Purple Penguins." Something along those lines.

What do you write?

I'm a slow writer, though I have every honest intention to write more. What's out versus what I'm writing in the future is very different. I'm varied as a writer, though I'll be trying my hand at quite a few comedies, some long tragedies, slice of life, romance, and hopefully more than a few fics exploring Equestrian history.

What do you read?

More than anything, I read my friends' works. I have ton of friends on site which is a direct result of me being a social butterfly, so it's only natural I have a ton of their work to read! Next, I read stories in the queue that catch my eye, then I read my followers work, then whatever else. I like comedies and slice of life the most. I prefer to read shorter one shots too, due to my schedule.

Who is Best Pony?

Fizzlepop Berrytwist (or Tempest Shadow), easily. Second place, however, that's a toss up, and it's constantly changing, so I'll say Top Five, in no particular order, Cadance, Octavia, Minuette, Applejack, Celestia.

Do you still watch the show?

Yes, though at this point I do so very slowly, and I skip episodes. My favorite season was five, and I loathed season six.


I'm not big on shipping. I don't have a lot of preferences, though I do have a thing for TwiFizzle.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to a ton of music, and I listen to an artist/band or two from almost every genre, so my tastes are pretty varied. My favorite genres are Alt. Rock, Rap, and Folk/Folk Rock. Some of my favorite musicians are Imagine Dragons, James Bay, Lukas Graham, Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd, and Coldplay. Music is one of the most important things in my life, and I'm always up for new stuff to listen to!

What can you do for me?

Depends, what you're asking for. I'm open to collabs, editing, reading and leaving nice comments if you ask politely, are respectful, I'm not busy, and I think it's worth my time. If you send me a PM I can try my best to answer (though my Discord might be better as far as speed goes). You can PM me anything as it adheres to site rules. Like I said, I'm extroverted and social, so random PMs are always fun~ Well... except for that one time.

Anything else?

I've been told several times I'm just like Minuette.

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Oh wait I'm actually dumb. Ignore me.

Just wondering how would you double space on Mobile? Waiting to get my computer fixed and want to write.

(that gif made me hesitate to reply a little :twilightsheepish:)

I tried to bring it up with the author, but I was blocked then accused of speed-reading. And I am unable to fight back. And as I've said before, there's only a brush on the toe, so it can't be reported.

Thank you for explaining this to me. I brought up the child-pornography problem twice with FiMfiction and it has had me shut down twice. I feel awful for every abuse victim who has to live with such content being okay with everyone else despite the consequences. Having autism and homosexuality being portrayed like it's alien and mockable but misogyny and rape like it's normal is just fucked up.

Story Approver


In the future you are more than welcome to DM me instead of commenting on my user page even though it recommends otherwise ^^. We also have s reporting system you can use attached to user pages and stories if you ever want to report content you believe is violating a rule.

I’m purley a messager and enforcer of the rules on FIMfiction, I do not create the rules neither do I agree with all of them in place, but as of now FIMfiction does allow content from the passsge that you quoted as long as it appropriately tagged. Yes the content is abusive, misogynistic, and it glorifys sexual assault, but that sort of stuff is allowed on site in works of fiction labeled properly. knighty is a big supporter of free speech and not much for censoring so we allow a large variety of content as long as it isn’t violating any laws. I personally don’t care for things on the site like foalcon, for example, but they’re allowed on the site since we don’t have any rules prohibiting it.

If you have an issue with it morally (and I do not blame you one bit) I would recommend talking to the author about it if anything but there’s nothing we can do. We allow a vast amount of freedom in writer’s work, and what we don’t allow is listed under our “Do Not Post” section under our rules tab.

You’re not overreacting... it’s disturbing content. But we don’t do anything for that type of content. Sorry.

A PM feels more comfortable, but okay.

I am concerned about a scene from Read Me Like a Book.

Chrysalis moved fast... drew her up until she had to stagger on her hind hooves... they were pressed up against the wall... Chrysalis bared her teeth in a sultry, fanged grin... Twilight Sparkle swallowed. “Get out of my house.”

“Answer my question.”

“No. Get out or I’ll throw you out.”

...Chrysalis leaned in closer... “Make me,” she purred... She cupped the little mare’s cheeks in her hooves, then turned and captured... those... lips in a...kiss which drew a... gasp.

[twilight] ...she tried to stand on the tips of her hind hooves and press up against her captor. ...

“I am what I am. A predator.” Chrysalis drew in close and licked her slowly...

“You don’t have—” a sudden turn and nip at her neck turned her words into another needy croon.

The follow up lick up the side...

This isn't a rating abuse I am concerned about, although it does kinda brush a toe. What I amconcerned about is the misogyny in it. I am greatly afraid it portrays a sexual assault as an okay thing. Twilight tried to kick Chrysilis out, but then Chryssi assaulted her and the writer turned Twilight's brain off so she could be easily raped. This sends a message that sexual assault is an okay thing that will make people melt and make their day.

And to top it off, Twilight dates the preditor afterwards. This looks exactly like Toon Critic's history1234 and its portrayed in a comedic and natural light and not a not-okay thing.

Is this a valid concern worth dealing with, or I am over reacting?

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