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Smolder's exterior suited her well—tough scales, with a soft, vulnerable skin underneath. Celestia was she thankful it was difficult to get underneath her scales. Difficult for anyone but herself.

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After a trip and tumble into a rather poorly fenced off interdimensional mirror, Cadance ends up on Earth with a human named Scott. And it seems she'll be stuck with him for a while, so they might as well pass the time.

Here's how they do it.

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After making a bet with the crusaders that he could get a date with any mare in Ponyville, Spike winds up on a date with a crush from the past. Will everything turn out okay, or will karma catch up with him and turn the date into a disaster?

Knowing Spike, probably the latter.

Collaboration with the amazing FamousLastWords

Submission to Jake The Army Guy's Obscure Shipping Contest

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There's no such thing as Minuette X Spike art so thanks for making it happen, Kairipancakes.

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Even for a princess, growing up can be scary. Luckily for Princess Luna, she doesn't have to do it alone.

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Everypony's favorite blue pony, the Great and Powerful Trixie has a new asset. Spoiler, they're wings!

Twilight gives Trixie a pair of wings, and a whole lot more is in store for her, more than she realized. Perhaps wings weren't the best idea... (Kind of my late entry for April Fool's Day.)


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Starlight doesn't listen to Twilight, and she destroys their only way back to their present when she rips apart the scroll with Star Swirl's infamous Time Spell. Now they're stuck in an Equestria they'd never imagine calling home.

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After Starlight is forgiven by Twilight and her friends for nearly obliterating Equestria because reasons. Twilight, Spike and the others give Starlight Glimmer the opportunity to learn all about friendship.

These are the stories of Starlight's experences as a student in friendship.

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(Throwing in the spoiler tag for Season 5 Finale Just in case although it really isn't needed. Better Safe than Sorry)

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