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Ever since Smolder revealed her affinity for the fashionable and cute to Ocellus, they've had secret tea parties where Smolder gets to indulge her interests and Ocellus gets to feel trusted. Symbiosis in action!

At their special Hearth's Warming secret tea, Ocellus notices that Smolder is acting strangely. She has no idea how deep the problem goes.

Written for Level Dasher for Jinglemas 2021

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That was really sweet. A nice 'just between us' moment between two friends. I'm not personally a SmolCellus shipper, but it's moments like these that can really add fuel to that fire.
And I have to say, even if it is unedited, it's pretty darn good in that regard.
Oh, I also have to say:

Their room was almost always clutter-free, though that was partly because most items in the room didn’t last more than a week.

That made me actually laugh at loud. :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you so much. No worries about being late— there is a real world out there, after all. Merry Jinglemas! :twilightsmile:

This is a wonderful descriptive look into the mind of what a changeling senses day to day. I almost *empathize* with what Ocellus experiences. Smolder's dialog and internal conflict is also very in character. Also, I love a good Smolcellus fic (it feels more like a friendshipping in this story).

Well this isn't something every trans person can relate to no not at all I don't know what you're talking about


you know i love any and all interactions between my main girls

i'm a BIG fan of how you handle the awkward moments and the initial conflict—that stuff really counts towards making their heart-to-heart feel like it's been earned, and i really got a good sense of Ocellus's discomfort

AND, the characters are well executed, i really like:

I don’t know why I can’t say no to her, she thought. She didn’t exactly vibe with Smolder. Smolder was loud. Brash. Arrogant. Unfiltered, unfettered, unabashed. A lot more adjectives that her brain was too tired to call forth. The first few months at the school, they had been at odds with each other. Opposite ends of an ensemble cast of friends, they only interacted when the group was together. It had taken a near-death experience in the caverns under the school for them to finally connect one-on-one, sharing their deepest held fears with each other.

Smolder froze, eyes darting back and forth between the dress in her claws and the changeling standing across from her. Gingerly, she held the garment out and let it unfurl, revealing it in all of its slender, silky glory. Smolder eyed it up and down for a moment, no doubt taking mental notes of all the ensembles she could throw together that incorporated it. Ocellus was no fashion expert, but she knew the versatility of such a dress. It would look good in just about any situation, but when it was on Smolder? Très magnifıque .

Ocellus frowned. That was the sort of casual nonchalance that Smolder usually presented to the world. Unbothered, armored from the world by indifference. The Smolder she knew from their Top Secret Tea nights was a very different side of her, fussing over details and stressing when things didn’t go according to plan. Her undragonlike side.

AND AND AND i think Yona is utilized really well here! beginning with Ocellus waiting for Yona to fall asleep does a good job at providing a nice base for the exposition/summary to happen and making the world of the story feel lived in

a scrumptious meal, sweet and satisfying

It feels nice to see a fic with Ocellus and Smolder that DOESN'T ship them together. And a pretty good one at that!

Wow this was a pretty good story and a pretty complication for smolder that she really loved those dresses but she's still afraid what the other dragons will think about her and she still doesn't trust her friends aside Ocellus but maybe someday she can open up to them because there's nothing to be ashamed of yeah it can be hard to admit to that it kind of the same situation I had when I like My Little Pony friendship is Magic but then I suddenly realize why am embarrassed about I watch cartoons so I like all that feeling yeah people still think it's weird but I still watch it to this day but anyway it was nice to see that Ocellus and smolder having in common with each other about their situation this was a pretty good story keep up the good work

I've never read any of your stuff before (or at least don't believe I have), but this is a wonderful first impression. Is this even peer-edited? :twilightsmile: Very nicely written and very cute. I think you handle emotional interactions well and you clearly know the characters you enjoy writing and reading about. Good stuff.

I'm so glad you liked the story! I got burned once on a Jinglemas story where I wrote romance and it wasn't what the recipient wanted, so I had to be careful. I love the way Smolder and Ocellus play off one another, regardless of whether it's shipping or friendshipping. I tried to write this with more of a middle-ground feel. It's not explicitly romantic, but there's plenty of room for interpretation so that shippers like myself can still get their serotonin boosts. I'm a lot more proud of the first half or so, where I had time to let things simmer for longer. That was what I had before the holidays sapped all of my time, and then the second half where all of the actual important stuff happens was written in panic mode. It's not quite the story I wanted to write, but deadlines are deadlines. At least it wound up enjoyable for you, and that's what matters! :twilightsmile:

They really play off each other well! I'm a big fan of 'opposites attract' relationships, and these two really do have that going on in spades. But when you bridge that gap with some common ground?


Halfway through writing this, I had that exact thought! It was an accidental allegory, but it still rings true for just about anyone who feels the need to hide their authentic self.

If I've made you proud, then I consider this a W. I like the concepts I developed for this one, but it's just not polished to the usual shine I like my stuff to reach. I am pretty proud of those little bits where Ocellus is thinking about Smolder. There's just a touch of romantic attraction in those, enough to whet the appetite for shippers like you and me but not so much that it overrides the more important parts of the story. And yes, I LOVE throwing Yona in when I can. She just makes everything fun. :)

I knew there would be those that would rather keep things platonic, so I'm glad this story satisfied on that front!

It's a relatable struggle for many of us in this fandom, feeling like we aren't allowed to enjoy the things we enjoy because others will deem it weird. Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it!

Nope, not a single bit of editing other than me making a few revisions on the fly during the first half when I had the time to do so. I literally wrote the last sentence and hit the submit button about 5 minutes later! I consider most of my other stuff to be much more polished. (and if you felt like checking those out, I'd appreciate it very much! Set Sail is my baby, I recommend starting there 👀)

For an accidental allegory, the description of a purge is dead on.

She fought the urge to giggle. Tired-brained Ocellus was a bit like normal-brained Silverstream, in a way.

That's mean

“Ugh, ponies and their sleep schedules,” Smolder lamented. “What about tomorrow?”

All that picking on races 😂
To be fair they are literally different species... Why it's in to laugh i think

Smolder beamed. “I’m gonna slip this bad boy on, and then we’ll get that tea going.”

Very smolder.very good read.

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