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Ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies. And changelings too.


Smolder and Ocellus have been secretly together for months, and after a steamy night together, the tired dragon tries to return to her own room undetected.

Thanks to Freglz for prereading.
Cover art is by frist44.

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Short but cute. Like Ocellus! Probably what Smolder sees in her.

So Sandbar wasn't actually getting a glas of water? Bit confused with the ending.

He was. The end was just him going back out to finally get his glass of water that had been interrupted by everything.

Should have done it in Smoulder's room.

Ocellus is way better at sneaking XD

Short but sweet. Though the fact that dragons and changelings sweat may be the strangest part of this. I'm pretty sure we've seen both in canon, but still. Reptiles. Insects. They do not work that way.

I can't help but think that Twilight might have been a little naive. Yes, she was aware of the two being romantically involved, but I don't think she figured out what they were doing in Ocellus's room.

And here I thought he had his own secret rendezvous :)

You mean the interruption he himself started?

The story was short and sweet, good job. I just always get annoyed severely by situations (like the one presented in the story) that crop up because people can't keep their noses out of other's business when there's no need to be snooping. A simple "Hi" from Sandbar was really all that was needed, and all Smolder had to do was simply leave.

Although you've already answered it, would have been interesting if Twilight had actually been Ocellus and the hoof steps at the end the actual princess coming to investigate.


what do you know

it was adorable

thanks for the pick-me-up, Astral. you've turned a 7/10 day into a 8/9 :heart:

Ehehe, so glad you enjoyed it. It was definitely inspired by your adorable Smolcellus stories just as much as it was by the art.

Oh really. Was he really? :raritywink:

He might have, He might not have.
You never know :raritywink:

SO CUTE AHHHHHH I seriously love Smolder x Ocellus (though not as much as Gallustream). I think it's all thanks to that episode "What lies beneath." They are seriously so cute together, and I love the idea of Ocellus being able to feel love and taste it. Great fic! In character and fun. =)>

Actually, I think it WAS implying Sandbar wasn't just getting a drink of water. It's like a funny twist that relates the story. That's how I see it anyway. The way you see it makes sense, but doesn't really serve any purpose for being in the story other than for information's sake.

jk, you're the author lolllllllll

She could literally just turn into any other pony. Yeah, that would've been smart.

OHHHHHHHH DUDE THAT WOULD'VE BEEN A FULL 180 PLOT TWIST!!! That'd would've been amazing. Good idea!
(Am I commenting too much lol)

Loved the beginning, loved the ending (and the mysterious hoofsteps). Fun, lovely read with good takes on the characters. Just wish it was longer or would have a continuation so I could enjoy even more!

This was too sweet, nicely done.

Smolder x ocellus that a new one

Why is this so frickin wholesome?

"...No," Yona said.


Cute fanfic!


They already had a superior way of handling temperature regulation. Why magic sweat? :rainbowlaugh:

It is?
For you maybe.

Daww, this was adorable!

So we have Yona & Sandbar and Smolder & Ocellus that leaves with Gallus & Silverstream to top it off.

Oh hell OcO

She needs lessons from Izzy
Izzy is at least medium sneaky.. :p

Second time reading.

Still fun and cute.

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