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Love is built up over time, and no one knows that more than Ocellus.

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Daww that was a wild, beautiful ride!

This is going to be adorbs the whole way through, isn't it?


but I whip my head 360 degrees

Wouldn't 360 degrees be a full circle and thus she'd just be looking back at what she was already looking at?

That being said, I love weird anatomies.

I’d be sweating if I were a mammal right now.

Wait, does that mean that dragons...?

are you aware that your testicles have taste buds?

...you are gonna do some weird shit to my Google search history, Semillon.

By the time the door closes, I know something important.



Wow. The blanket?

This reminds me of my grandparents' house. They have a guest bedroom there, of course, with a nice queen-sized bed. No one ever wants it, though, not because it's bad, but because their house also has a box room - basically a glorified closest - with the most comfortable bed on Planet Earth in it. It's just a twin-size and as far as I know nothing is special about it, and yet you will have the most restful sleep of your life if you get it.

I'm hooked.

They have taste receptors but no actual taste buds; they don't signal to your brain or anything. :rainbowlaugh:


What was that about a three-year love square?

Love square huh? I have a feeling the interest I have in this is a thirst that will never quite be satisfied for me. Also, I really love the relationship between Ocellus and Gallus in this one! And I also just noticed they have the same last four letters in their name. Kinda random while I'm loving something else. XD

I am actually very thankful that mine don't have taste buds. They have never been near anything that I am particularly eager to taste.

Boy I tell ya what, Gallus and the Soy Sauce Experiment was pretty far down the list of things I expected to happen this chapter :rainbowlaugh:, nor did I expect Silverstream to have a freaking threesome.


Ok big developments aside, Silverstream is a freaking player in this and I am here for it.

And now back to our regularly scheduled lesbians

You truly are a master of the warm fuzzies. I stayed up an extra hour because I just couldn’t put it down. It’s 5am now, so I’m keeping this short, but suffice it to say that I love everything about this. The lesbians being the mainstay and garnering the bulk of the praise, I want to give a little more love to your portrayal of the Six in general. I love the dynamics you’ve carved out for them, how they differ from the ones I’ve personally adopted and yet still make perfect sense.

Thank you for blessing us with more of the good stuff, my man :>


Thank you so much for catching this! I fixed it as soon as you posted your comment but forgot to reply to it until now :raritycry:
I think dragons sweat, too, I just had no idea how to mention that organically lol

There's something amazingly comfy about perfectly sized tight spaces

It's still the greatest thing in the world at that point—your body's just too cowardly to handle any more

Ah yes the love square; it was an offhand comment at first but the more I think about it the more that I kind of want to write it :twilightsheepish:

Silverstream's got a lot of love to give

I'd be jealous of whoever she eventually settles down with

Danke <3

I was aiming for a bit more of a different dynamic with the Young Six than what I've been seeing on the site, I'm glad that they still make sense haha — bringing out a little more boldness within them (especially Ocellus) and playing more into their teenage aspect was a lot of fun

This was absolutely precious ❤️

That part about Silverstream floored me. I had assumed this was taking a Gallstream direction - guess I’m just used to that, I still love it - but if anycreature is going to have an impromptu threesome, Silver’s definitely the type!

Gallus x Ocellus and Smolder x Silverstream, just trying things out to see what works! It’s so awesome!

I don’t like the alcohol stuff and I just can’t see Ocellus getting drunk even when worried, so I was pretty disappointed with how that was the ending. I usually prefer alcohol not existing at all, but that’s me. Just a personal hang up.

On the other hand, between Ocellus making the date personal and special; Silverstream being the master shipper she is; Gallus being insightful and empathetic (which I’ve always maintained he is); Smolder’s calm acceptance and the heartfelt declarations of love right off the bat? There was still a ton of stuff that made me love this story throughout.

I always look forward to reading your work and the wacky dynamics of the Students, the fluffy shipping especially. Not enough people do Smolcellus. Very well done, as always!

A very lovely romp with these six. I really liked your choice to make it a first person one and focus on the voice each character has.

Well this was a delight from beginning to end.

This place has eight, and we hog every single one.

This bit made me smile and I don't know why. I guess its just that cute.

I really like Gallus in the best friend role. The snark and teasing comes off so naturally.
Lastly I really loved the ending. All the thoughts slurring together when Ocellus is drunk is super cute. It also just sounds
really natural to me cause I've sounded the exact same way drunk before.

I wish I could put into more words exactly what I thought was so great about each part. Its just all so good.

Hmm so smolder is having some trouble I wonder what could it be I guess we'll find out

I guess that's one of the days that dragons stealing stuff dang

Dang thats pretty heavy

Oh wow That 1 is a pretty roller coaster emotion of this story

aww my god thats so sweet ❤ I know these 2 will love each other This was a pretty good story very dramatic and very romantic nice job on it

I'm getting to this late but this is a really cute story, thanks for sharing it.

... I mean, they do have their ups and downs. :raritywink:

. This is probably what Princess Celestia feels like, doesn’t it? They’re all looking to me for answers, inspired by my radiant beauty—

“Are you pretending to be Princess Celestia again?” Silverstream asks.

I don’t know why but I laughed so fucking hard at this
Great fic, can’t believe I put off reading it for so long. Your characterisation was on point, and aitd a really interesting look into the way Ocellus sees things. Giving her a crush on Twilight was super cute, and finding out that everyone already knew about it was hilarious. Definitely one of the best Smolder x Ocellus stories around

Excuse me but what the--

“I still, uh, love you,” he says, his emotional confusion still clear, despite the smile now on his face . “But like, like a sister.”

I nod. He’s not lying. Neither will I. “I think of you as a brother too.”

I think you're looking for this group.

This was a nice little fic. I enjoy your version of the student six immensely. They were very easy to identify through dialogue alone. I'm also still trying to process the soy sauce scene. Other than that, you should stop writing fanfiction altogether and take over being my dad. I'm pretty sure we're the same age, but mom doesn't have to know that.

. It’s not like he can adequately describe my deceit to her anyway.

That has me thinking why didn't he he certainly can tell Fluttershy about her to see he has the capability did I just not listen


More like this of the other kids, please.

It’s the length of a paperback book


I wake up with a scream halfway out of my muzzle, but I slap my hoofs to it and muffle myself before it makes it out..


Sandbar starts to sing. “Like a—”

“Racer at the starting line, you’re chomping at the bit,” Gallus sings, throwing Smolder a smug look before winking at Silverstream. “You are here to find your purpose and a place you really fit.”

I don't know whether that is a song from the show or not, but is it just me, or does that scan perfectly to the opening lines of the Modern Major-General song?

Our tongues meet for the first time


Okay, I guess the lingering taste of changeling vomit might not have- I mean, Ocellus had only just finished drinking the cider before Smolder arrived since it had only been 15 minutes since she started drinking...

Smolder's a dragon so... maybe... like the taste of amethyst would be for me, the taste of bug vomit is irrelevant to her?

I guess since changelings live off of love, it may have been the only thing Ocellus drank or ate that day and if it hadn't had any time to digest... Wait, how does changeling digestion work anyway?

Actually, isn't honey sometimes jokingly described as bee vomit?

Could it have been a zap apple-honey flavoured kiss? I don't even know what to think now.

Dress for the Dress Snek, Love for the Love Bug! :heart:

Loved it so much! :raritystarry:
It's pure and true and beautiful and tastes like hot tea with ginger and honey and mint!
You really are amazing at writing these two adorable dorks! :heart:

“I’ll give you a lamp!” Silverstream says, flaring her wings and accidentally pushing Sandbar and Gallus away from her. “I have nine unused lamps in my room and I’d bet that one of them just wants to do its job.”

she just like me fr

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