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Silverstream’s breath kinda smells like fish right now and that’s the only flaw I can pin on her. Her beak and claws are polished. Her mane has that wild...windswept...thing going on.

“What’s up?” she asks.

“You’re literally perfect,” I tell her. I put a little growl into my voice to make it clear that I’m seething in rage.

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Favoriting this pre-emptively because I trust you :heart:

Loved it. Your first person smolder is sublime.

Silverstream’s breath kinda smells like fish right now and that’s the only flaw I can pin on her. Her beak and claws are polished. Her mane has that wild...windswept...thing going on. I’d compare her eyes to some sort of precious gemstone if the whole concept of that wouldn’t make me want to off myself. That’s something that Gallus would do inside of his head and never tell anyone about it. That’s something Ocellus would say out loud without any shame.

Speaking of gems.

Clicked this because I haven't been able to see the new stuff and was desperate enough for non-G5 stuff to read the top of the New stack. Holy cow did I luck out.

Smolder has this odd sort of personality where being insecure about herself totally fits her, but then at the same time, so does being absolutely confident.

She’s a lot like Rainbow Dash in that way.

banger fic
could be seen as the prelude to a ship, but only if one has their shipping goggles on
i rate it 10/10

I totally stayed up past my bedtime to read this but HOLY SHIT DUDE I LOVE YOUR STORIES OK

I am so envious of your ability to write comedically with such distinct character voice. This is Smolder. Straight up. No contamination of the author's hand. I am reading the direct stream of consciousness of Smolder the Dragon and I cannot see it as anything else. I laughed out loud, and then suddenly it got really wholesome and touching! and I still think you write the best Silverstream on the site, bar-none. Absolutely amazing, fantastic, life changing. You do best birb such justice

Ok im tired and brain shut down time but I just wanna say you are built different and I am very glad to know you ok thanks bye :heart:

You'd think she'd have a stronger stomach... :applejackconfused:

It’s nice to see someone taking care of the often overlooked characters.

I need to see them coming back to the other four after their adventure together. Their interaction here is SO good!

Aww this is actually a pretty nice short story and smolder felt like she doesn't belong with a group because of how dragons are but silverstream and the others don't think so sure everybody has their flaws and everything but the others are okay with her no matter who she is and I do like the conversation between silverstream and smolder this is a pretty nice story keep up the good work

I don’t know what to say other than, this was pretty nice.

Utterly delightful. The two are personified excellently :twilightsmile:

I like it. You know what? I like this story.

I think about my secret theory that Sandbar isn’t a pony at all. He’s a weird ancient sea demon that’s just wearing the face of the real Sandbar that he skinned and ate.


oh hey chekhov what you doin with that grass

I've been wanting to do more first person POV lately, what a coincidence. :twilightsmile: Very good characterization as always! You really are on to something with Ocellus and Smolder.

Pretty sure it makes way more sense for Cozy Glow (other than the specific type of demon, somewhat).

This was nice and funny, shame Smoulder has insecurities...

“I’m not mad at the Friendship Map for not sending me on a mission,” I tell her. “I couldn’t give less of a crap about that. I’m mad that it didn’t send you.

Real talk: It didn't send Sil because it didn't need her to go anywhere--there was already a friendship problem to solve right there sitting next to her. :raritywink:

This was a nice little fic. It took a second for me to get where you were really going with it, but I think that's what drew me in, that wondering where it was going, and then once it did click...well, walking away pretty pleased, let's just say. :twilightsmile:

Kkat #20 · Oct 9th, 2021 · · ·

Short, sweet and delightful! :heart:

I like the idea that they were left behind because being alone together was the best way to solve a friendship problem of their own.

This makes me smile. :pinkiesmile:

Awwww, friendship is magic!

I love little character explorations like this. Good work!

but I’m at the end of my gem stipend from Ember and the rest of us are cheapskates, so this was the only option if we wanted to lounge.

I always love the older-sister-who-has-to-be-a-mom dynamic with Ember. Even moreso amongst a huge family of delinquents; like Imogene Herdman. Presumably, since all the adult dragons have flocked off, the Dragon Lord has to be like this to all for all the smaller drakes. Also, awesome line.

I was so incredibly annoyed by you. Two thousand percent energy, all of the time. Then I realized that I was jealous. You love everything. You’re kind and honest and loyal and all of that. And I can learn all of that and I can let the school change me a bit, but I’ll always know what it’s like to be something worse, and I’ll always know how to be okay with being something worse.”

This cuts deep. This is the kind of self-expression and dialogue I would expect from an episode of BoJack Horseman. (Just not from Bojack himself, he's way more messed up than this.)

Did we ever figure out why she was trying to eat grass? Is it just a silly casual "When in Rome" attitude for a joke, or is it supposed to represent some deep-seated envy that results in a kind of dysmorphia. With this story, I could see it going either way.

chekhov: oh you know just having it

You really captured their voices well. And that ending was the cherry on top. n_n

is nice

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