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Thorax has the nerve to mysteriously, suspiciously go missing at a political summit that every single major power in Equestria is attending.

It's up to Pharynx has to find him and chew his ear out and make sure he's safe and sound and destroy whoever took him away.

No, he's not worried. That would be stupid. It's just that if he doesn't find Thorax quick enough he's going to raze Bitaly to the ground.

Everything is fine.

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If my sibling did that to me I would beat the shit out of them, even if it were my sister. Or at a bare minimum punch them in the arm HARD.

I'd do it with love though. You don't scare siblings into thinking you're kidnapped. That's a no no.

Good story though.

Bitalians sure liked their columns. Their love for them surely rivalled Chrysalis’s love for holes.

That's what she said.

I'd have to agree. I love the story, but Pharynx seems too... I wouldn't say forgiving, but there are lines one doesn't cross for amusement, and considering how close and how many times they came to disaster - not just the invasion, but Pharynx going off on a innocent bystander - it was criminally irresponsible to let the charade go on this long. There's plenty of times for forgiveness, but the same goes for discouragement of repeat incidents.

Guh. So cute. This story was fantastic.

Point of Grammar.

When using a posessive apostrophe in words ending in 's', you do not need to follow up with another 's'.

Thus: Chrysalis's would be correctly written as Chrysalis' .

Yeah, I know. It's one of those more obscure grammar rules that jump out at you from the dead of night.

Dear god the description alone looks like everything I love about these two.

I did not see that coming!!

And the adorable brother love was wonderful.

Ah, it took me halfway through the first chapter to realize this was you, Sem. :pinkiehappy: Very cute! I'm glad to see more bugbros popping up. :heart: Loved all the interactions they had, here. I think you hit Thorax's sprightly demeanor perfectly, I love all the little items he showered Pharynx with to show his affection, and how batshit commando Pharynx went in looking for Thorax, to show his. Definitely things you'd see them doing.

First, Thorax don't ever scar Pharnyx ever again. As leader of the army, he have the authority to send an army to a country.
Second, I would punch him in the arm too. HARD.
Third, that was very clever, but wrong on so many levels.

Except when that word is a proper noun. So if you're talking about Lyra, you'd say she's Sweetie Drops's best friend.

I think the idea is that Thorax was thinking at least a bit like the old changelings, and Pharynx approved. In part, anyway.

Outstanding with a capital OH! This was a great read, and one I'll reread for certain. Pacing was good, characterizations were spot on, and the emotional connections were great. I love how you describe the physical feel and taste of channeling emotions. Love it!

This was a great story. Love the relationship dynamic.

He narrowed his eyes at the plate of food, still steaming. He wouldn’t be intoxicated by spaghetti if he could help it.

Good luck with that.

Best bromance!! Want more!

This was adorable sir. The twist was slightly obvious by the time it came around, but also really well done, and the characterization was spot on for how they've acted. Sad the show can't do this sort of story, but still, the community provides some very nice examples of it.

Ooooh it's so cute ! It's the best bromance ever.

We need more like this. There isn’t enough Pharanx on this site. Or anywhere really.

My favorite part was him realizing that real food is amazing. Priceless.

D'awwwwww, more King Cuddlebug is never not amazing! Love the dynamic between these two.

No she didn’t, and she will violently dismember anyone who says otherwise. Shining Armor doesn’t know anything.

Sweet Mirage on a muffin, this was freakin’ adorable. King Cuddlebug and Edge Bro are such a treat.

What is this fic??? It was so cute and adorable and wonderful, I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED it.

Bitalians sure liked their columns. Their love for them surely rivalled Chrysalis’s love for holes.

Even her love for filling holes?

It’s still gonna take some time for Thorax to make up for it, I’m afraid.

Fun fact. Spaghetti is actually the plural of the word "spaghetto" which means "thin string" in italian.

That’ was very sweet. Nice characterization

At first I thought it was completly mean and insane...but then I remembered how Pharynx is portrayed here and it makes so much sense...really a great fic trough and trough :heart:

“I…” Cadance stopped, steeped heavily in indecision, and a slight dash of worry. “I didn’t see him today, no, but he did hand deliver a letter to one of my guards. He asked for my forgiveness for a last minute reschedule—today was mostly a visit to spend time together as friends, so I was more disappointed than anything, but I figured something came up that he had to address.”

-I would suggest "hoof" instead of "hand" here.

Thorax and Pharynx are best character-duo(?) ever. The stories made between the two of them are the bee's knees. (Changeling's knees? -- Either way, I love them)

“He was looking for a sword. He wanted something interesting. Something ‘as cool as his big brother was’.”

I'm calling it now. He's in Saudi Arabia because brotherly adoration requires presents for some reason.

Those fics with wholesome changelings manage to always pierce my heart somehow.

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