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Ever the avid learner, Ocellus spends much of her free time, even when back at her home, studying as much as she can. And this devotion has made her the pride and joy of the Changeling hive, so much so that she receives an unexpected visit from none other than Thorax, her King.

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Comments ( 8 )

A very beautiful story. I loved this.

Aww thats awesome story about how much the changelings change for the better

good story

Huh, that ended differently than how I was picturing. I thought Thorax was going to make her his successor or something.

A fantastic story, I really feel like Ocellus and Thorax were ripe for more explanation that we never got. :pinkiesmile:

10306541 I've kind of felt the same. And I also feel like Chrysalis might have tried to do the same, depending on whether or not Ocellus was around for the old changeling hive.

This story is perfect in every sense of the word.

Now it’s up to Pharynx to figure out an emergency that keeps him busy.

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