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Unaware of how his image and name have been used, the real Grogar returns to his lair after a long vacation. Naturally, he's not exactly pleased to find out what's been happening while he was gone.

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Orrm #1 · Nov 18th, 2019 · · ·

Just a very old mare and an even older man shooting the breeze over a cup of chamomile tea.

Ok, this was nice

Nice. I like this sort of villain-hero dynamic. When all's said and done, don't you have more in common with the creature you've spent millennium fighting than anyone else?

Though... how Gusty is still alive is a mystery...

I see she chose not to mention the fool who tried to go it alone. A smart villain knows the list and follows it. Grogar knows he is beat and just wants to spend his twilight years in peace.

I love your placement of G1 Gusty.

Every now and then authors manage to work G1 heritage into a story and actually make it fit well.

A G1 character I believe. Back in season 8 there was a book on the babysitting EP in Cheerilee's school that was about Grogar and Gusty. It was our first introduction to G4 Grogar even if it was just a book cover much like EQG Tirek is currently only a game cover and game.

This was just wonderful!

I read the summery and was expecting a laugh. I read it, and immediately liked, faved, and started to follow you as an author.

A friend of Megan Williams.

Gusty's smile returned. "I know. I chanced a quick visit into Equestria again recently. Most ponies have never even heard of me, and those who have just think of me as a myth. If ever there was a pony who knew I really lived, they're long gone now." She sighed deeply. "And I'm fine with that. A story can inspire more good than a flesh and blood person sometimes." As her earlier smirk resumed, she glanced to Grogar. "I hear you yourself had much the same reputation among villains."

Grogar snorted. "Fine by me. Let me be forgotten. If my legacy is that of a story that mares tell their foals at night to make them behave, then I suppose I can think of worse ways to be remembered."

And really, the legacy you can leave can be quite pleasing, no matter how small. Those two did get reasonably immortalized with the impact they left. Twilight undoubtedly knows about Gusty, and perhaps she did look up to her when she was younger, as the hero that she'd happen to become, and she is the ruler of Equestria.

"You know, if you're in need of extra building materials, those baddies I mentioned are currently made of stone right now."

Heh, that would be a bit more constructive than the "turned to gravel and spread throughout dangerous forest," as I've seen done elsewhere, wouldn't it?

...Good short story. Maybe elaboration would do it a favor, maybe not, but it serves well enough as a one-shot.


In lieu of any other explanation...



G1 character, and as for her G4 incarnation, she bested the real G4 Grogar, and one way or another, Grogar was (and is, going by canon) defeated for a long time, which is pretty impressive, seeing as he stayed defeated since presumably quite a ways before Celestia herself was born.



And that's a great guess as to her appearance in G4, based on G1, and her color scheme in that. Maybe she also had an ethereal mane to go with her magical power, going off of the history lesson Discord gave with the flowing mane, maybe not; it was possibly a bit stylized, after all, in regards to that, and her horn.

LOVED (the real) Grogar's chat with Gusty. As other reviewers have already said, just two old enemies who became the closest thing each has to a friend.

Also as other reviewers have already said, I love the stuff about an old villain knowing when he's been beat and opting to spend his time in relative peace. Oddly enough, I could easily see this being a good companion piece to your one-shot with Celestia and Sombra. The thought of Gusty and Grogar meeting Celestia and Luna (after they both retired) as well as Sombra (when he has ALSO opted to retire in peace) has the potential to be a downright entertaining one-shot.

Excellent job on the exchange, characterizations and general wrap-up in all the right places.

Hilarious! Surprised Discord didn't sense Gusty there

Ri2 #14 · Nov 18th, 2019 · · ·

So basically Discord broke into an old man's house while he was out and co-opted it as his evil lair?

Yeah, that sounds right.

This is rather adorable. Now... would it be weird to say that I feel bad for Grogar after coming back to find that his home got trashed?

Pretty good, I hope we get to see a sequel with the mane 6 come to check out the lair only to find Grogar and Gusty fixing it up.

You'd think Gusty would like current Equestria as non-ponies are becoming more common.

This was great. Headcanon accepted!

The enemy of my enemy is my friend as they say and that certainly applies here. Grogar and Gusty play off each other so well and as I read through this, I imagined them speaking in my mind, reminiscing over old times, and on occasion, throwing a wise crack at the modern world. Gusty being alive and well though... hmmm... yes, that does make sense.

That was a fun read, I would not mind reading more :twilightsmile:

I wholeheartedly agree, but I also think the question, "Do I not defeat my enemy by making him my friend?" is much more appropriate than "enemy of my enemy" is.

Then Grogar filed a lawsuit against Discord for identity theft and defamation.

A fascinating take on the true Grogar's attitude after so long. Though if he made a friend, that's hardly surprising.

That said, way to leave everypony in the lurch, Gusty. Just because you're a myth these days doesn't mean you can't lend a hoof now and again.

... Or she only got back to her friend's home after hearing about the Battle of the Bell. That works too. :derpytongue2:

"Besides, if any of them ever get it into their heads to come out here and see the 'empty' lair of Grogar, then at least I'll have the satisfaction of seeing the looks on their faces when they realize just how 'gone' I really am."

Please do a sequel with this.

Comment posted by Emperor Grogar deleted Nov 19th, 2019


Based on how she talked about being around creatures other than ponies? Yeah, probably.

After a hard day of cleaning up Grogar stepped into his old bed chambers his eyes growing wide
He retired to the couch in the den, If only rocks could burn.......

Wow! This was surprisingly fun. I was expecting it to be all dark and depressing, but I actually like this.

I don't think so...? It doesn't seem weird to me, but then again I'm pretty weird so you might get a second opinion.

Gusty: He also brought back Sombra--

Grogar: Purely to just watch him die again.

Gusty: How did you know?

Pinkie Pie: Because the show writers loves to bully the little edge lord!

Grogar: Let's just say even a being as old as me knows enough not to argue with the powers of the pink pony.

Comment posted by Emperor Grogar deleted Nov 20th, 2019

See I would avoid using the statues because if it ever wears off you have one hell of a mess to clean up.

You mean like the Storm King?
I always wondered what happened with him. The credits are non-canon (because there also was the Hippo queen who doesn't exist outside of Pinkie's mind) and all the princesses had been released from their stone prison. The Storm King was hit by the same spell and then shattered on the ground.

So we have three possible ways:
1) He remained being petrified -> most likely the canon ending
2) His destroyed stone body just disappeared without leaving any traces behind -> the child friendly ending
3) He became flesh and broken bones again and someone had to clean up the mess -> the dark but logic ending

I’ve seen it as a plot point in the Dragon Quest series that a man trying to heal his village of petrification couldn’t because by the time he found the cure all the statues had been eroded over years by rain and winds.

So as soon as the statues are too damaged, they can't be turned back?

I only know one other example and it’s the dark theory. In Dragon Ball Z, one villain, Dabura , was able to turn others into stone by spitting on them. A few of the heroes had been petrified and when to younger heroes found them; they accidently broke one statue, Piccolo. After Dabura was killed, all statues had been turned back, including Piccolo.
Luckily for the heroes, Piccolo was able to heal himself. Otherwise it would have been messy:pinkiesick:

I think in the case of the Storm King, the most likely answer is, that his wasn't turned back. He died and his body stayed petrified. Maybe they later put it into a grave or something because I doubt that the princesses would have revived him.

Seriously, from all the villains our ponies have fought, they only killed two: King Sombra and the Storm King.
They both had been wannabe kings and both tried to enslave ponies. All other villains, even those who tried to kill ponies, had either been forgiven/reformed or punished. Guess trying to take away a ponies freedom is always punished by death:pinkiegasp: Tempest made a wise decision to help Twilight; otherwise the kill counter would have been raised by two instead of one:rainbowlaugh:

Really the lesson here is choose any title other than king and the ponies will let you live. You may have to spend an exceedingly long time as a statue or on the moon, but you will live to see another day in a millennium or so.

Poor Thorax:fluttercry: One wrong decision and he will be killed because he's a king

That was a delightful read. I'd love to see more, maybe even Grogar meeting his cosplayer.


Sometimes the people we hate the most can be the very people we end up getting along with once we dial the hate down.

Awesome story. Loved it! Nice seeing Grogar and Gusty together.

Maybe he could ask Princess Twilight money to repair his lair? After all it was Discord plan the reason it need to be repaired

I was thinking to myself... You know how 'All Hail the King' ended with the whole 'The Real manderin, Mr Slatery, He's not happy about being impersonated" and I thought Huh, I should work something like this into my King Sombra as Iron Man fic...

Gusty is a cute.

Grogar and his old nemesis sharing a few laughs, I love it.

Aww, this was so cute.

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