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Pharynx is still coming to terms with all the changes, both to the Hive and to himself. While Thorax leads his people into the bright new future, Pharynx is desperately trying to keep the Hive safe.

Is it so wrong to worry about each and every member of his Hive family even while the rest of the Hive is buzzing over holiday festivities? Especially the one member of his Hive studying abroad at the School of Friendship?

Thank you to ninjadeadbeard for help with the cover art, and daOtterGuy for pre-reading.

Written for CitreneSkys for Jinglemas 2021

Chapters (3)
Comments ( 12 )

This was super-duper wholesome.

Well that was a big heap of Pharynx covered in an overwhelming amount of D'AWWWWWW

And I loved it. Great job!

We all need more Pharynx in our lives.

I do love me some wholesome Pharynx! I really like how worried about Ocellus he was, and the little flashback when Ocellus was still a nymph. It was so cute and captured exactly what I thought their relationship would be like!

Just like all the best Pharynx stories, this one reminds just that Pharynx’s aura of toughness is just a porous layer covering the fact that he’s a big softy.

This was great.

Not nearly enough Thorax for my taste, but Bookbug love is always appreciated and the story is sufficiently adorable and wholesome regardless.

:yay: :heart:

The prompt was for Pharynx and Ocellus, so I was legit worried I was including too much Thorax.

:pinkiegasp: Inconceivable! There's no such thing as too much Thorax!

Nah, I can understand. :twilightsmile: Cinnabug is precious, but he's really not the focus here and he doesn't need to be.

The cuteness is off the charts. And I dig the little changeling worldbuilding you threw in there.

Still... would have been funny if the cat wasn't Pharynx at the end. :rainbowlaugh:

Funnily enough I never really gave much thought to Pharynx's perspective on Ocellus living away from the hive. It makes sense. Thorax was shown several times to be a mother hen with her, though, so if anything, I could potentially see them being codependent mother hens. :rainbowlaugh:


A cute story! :twilightsmile: Your dialogue is excellent. Beetroot was great, unsung highlight.

“That’s tough,” Beetroot nodded. “But maybe it was like this. Maybe Ocellus was smart enough to know who needed her more. Because she knew she had you and yours at home, to give her strength, she was able to help her friend.” He smirked again, before polishing off the last of his cider. “Or maybe she knew you well enough to know you’d come runnin’, and she could have both.”

Clever girl…

This was outstanding. Brilliant work with all three of the starring bugs. I especially love the little bits like Thorax hocking resin onto the tree and Ocellus doing her best Pharynx impression. If any character should be variable and adaptable as the situation demands, it should be a changeling. Thank you for this, and a merry Jinglemas in July.

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