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A full millennium has passed since Princess Luna walked free in Equestria. But now, after the darkest chapter in her life, she is herself once more, and free to rule her nation alongside her beloved sister. But as she acclimatises to her new surroundings in Canterlot, she receives an unexpected visitor. One who makes it abundantly clear to her just how much has changed since she was last in the world.

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This was a nice read and I would love to read more about their friendship! :twilightsmile:


Nice and relaxing :twilightsmile:

sad there was no celestia who the father jokes

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A simple, (mostly) well-written one shot...will wonders never cease?

I most enjoyed your grasp of the character's thought processes. It reads like an actual canon encounter that just so happened to take place offscreen.

I kept waiting for Yoda to appear but he never showed up. Oh well. More Cadance is fine in my book. Especially seeing her interact with Luna. Not a lot of that for some reason.

This was nicely done! I liked it, glad to see some actual interaction between Cadence and Luna. :pinkiesmile:

Bot the characters...plus loads more in this franchise, needed more screen time. Thank you for giving them a few moments to play off each other like this.


sad there was no celestia who the father jokes

Love...Serious!? has that idea covered very well and most excellently.
This story is excellent in its own right with the poignancy of their talk.

Definitely a totally missed character interaction in the show. A lot of those, sadly. But well, excellent story in every way!

...and now totally imagining Cadance taking Luna out clubbing to show off how Ponies spend the nights these days...

Now this is adorable, sweet, and satisfying in all the right ways! Heck, it's very believable as well with how both interactions went, and beyond that! Awesome work! Hope ya didn't mind, but I made a lil' reading of this slice of heaven ya wrote!

Audio Linkyloo!: https://youtu.be/760cZ9E48tc

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)


I was waiting to hear (aunty Luna) at the end. Darn it!

200th like right here! Fantastic short story, wish we could've seen something like this in the show :twilightsmile:

10851286 There ARE more than a few stories along those line, not many but a few nonetheless.

Other than not speaking in the old way as Luna did after returning this is very good.

For those wondering why the show never bothered to address this, Cadance wasn't an alicorn in the original script and Luna wasn't part of the series' original pitch.

Luna was in the original pitch her name was Selene and beating Nightmare Moon (at the time called Discord, Discord was named Chaos) was suppose to encompass the whole of season 1 with the girls discovering the elements 1 at a time then haveing a final face off. Hasbro wanted more slice of life and the idea was compressed into the two part opener.

I just want to clarify, that is not what happened. I remember in an Equestria Daily interview right when The Return of Harmony aired, Faust said that the idea of season 1 being this single serialized adventure the whole way through was just a rumor (and tbh I would have liked that a lot less than the season 1 we got).

Also, I'm curious, I know about NMM's original name, but where did you get Discord's original name from?

A wonderful one-shot and slice of life.

I could indeed see this talk taking place in an episode.

It's good to see Cadance being there for Luna

It was on Equestria Daily when sketches of character concepts where shown.

But Luna shook her head. "No, it is no trouble. I erred, Princess."

I don't think Cadance claimed yet she is a princess.
Did Luna made this assumption because she believes every alicorn is (supposedly) a princess?
Edit: she introduced her title later. Maybe change this part?

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

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