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Many are the tales of otherworldly beings coming to mortal peoples to offer their powers in exchange for something precious. Twilight never gave those stories much attention, until one such being arrived in her home one day, offering her one of those infamous contracts. Unfortunately, the demon might have wanted to choose his clients more carefully.

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This guy is no Azzie Elbub. Azzie would've be delighted to play this game with Sparkle.

Shachza #2 · 2 weeks ago · · ·

I was expecting a bit more jokes about dense legalese, "...party of the first party... ...on behalf of the fourth clause shall... ...pursuant to the fullfilment of said obligations...," etc., with Twilight causing the demon to rewrite the contract under her guidance. Everything is reasonable in the moment - "...if you reword this to that,, then that closes a loophole...," just... when he reads the contract again after, he realizes the new wording doesn't give him Twilight's soul, she gets his if he fails to provide her with her heart's desire.

Well now...he's not IFCC(Inter-Fiend Cooperation Commission). Mind, not many can be as handsome or as dark and evil as those dashing fiends...I may or may not owe someone something. That said, I've had worse client-side interactions, so don't let it get you too down, my good daemon. You can always try again, this town is full of gullible idiots, you just happened to pick the wrong one...that said you did so because of the price her Soul would fetch, we all know it. But aim a bit lower, and get a few more, and you'll make it up in volume.

Next time he comes he's just going to mind control Twilight into signing over her soul.

I'm fairly certain twilght already owes her soul to the god of books...for she is the book horse, and shall be forever

pretty sure twilight pointing that out showed that he actually had no power to control others making his offer null and void.

Im now suddenly getting this idea of twilight getting caught up in her ideas and is now suddenly ruling heaven and hell super efficiently.

Mr 0 #8 · 1 week ago · · ·

To be fair if he had tempted her with something more along the lines Incredible amounts of long lost knowledge, books or an infinite library she may have considered the offer.

Twilight didn't bring her A-Game today.

Had she done so, she would have wound up owning that demon's soul. It would have gone in the jar with all the OTHER demonic souls she's ended up in possession of.

:twilightblush: : "I don't even know what to do with them. These demons make such a big deal about owning souls, but all I ever see them do is... miasma around in there. Kind of like a lava lamp, but less lava, more ominous spirit of damnation. I suppose I could get them to rewrite the Equestrian Tax Code- that's already kept in the forbidden section of the archives, can't make it any worse- But I only really need ONE demon soul for that, and I wanted to do that myself anyway. I tried Friendship, but as it would turn out, demon souls are deathly allergic to it... Like, 'explode into a cloud of screams and glitter', allergic. So yeah... Don't know what to do with them. So I have them in storage down in the lab. I'm beginning to run out of shelf space."

Kind of... bland? An idiot tried to '''trick''' Twilight and gets blapped. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have any special 'kick' that'd make it stand out from the similar fics.

Looking over his shoulder to the still-smouldering hole he came out of, the demon sighed. "My mother was right. I should have gone into botany."

My uncle was into botany, he got arrested for it.

Did he own a little shop of horrors?

A clever and humorous story all the way through! With that idea that popped into your mind, you definitely executed this super friggin' well! I hope ya don't mind, but I made a reading of this very devilish story of yours!

Audio Linkyloo!: https://youtu.be/hrBCVmpnX_k

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

The Animation Fan,

Twilight is too bright, and doesn’t get enough credit. I could definitely see this happening in an actual episode if something of the like were to happen.
Definitely an A+ in my book! Well done!

To be fair, did she need her A game?

"Twilight Sparkle! I have in my possession, a book of finite dimensions, approximately 3 hoofs wide and 5 hoofs tall, by 0.5 hoofs thick, possessing an infinite volume, within containing all the knowledge there is and ever shall be."

"Oh you have another copy of the bloody big book. Look I read the thing from incomprehensible cover to incomprehensible cover before I was even 12."

"BUT how!"

"Look, your kind has been offering that book to ponies for centuries, eventually a few copies ended up in the Canterlot Archives, Celestia knows, some ponies even willingly sold their souls knowing they would leave the world a better place for their grandfoals."

"So um...you're still interested right?"

"They also make great bludgeoning tools against demons like your kind, what with the infinite density."


...what with the infinite density.

Much like those who come to offer it... Again.

This guy is even less competent than Screwtape. Like, the whole point of devil deals is that you don't REALIZE that that's what it is at the time.

The poor sod returns with a proper legalese contract, the party of the first part and the party of the second part...

Pinkie is stood beind him.

Whats this I read about someone trying to damage MY Parties?:pinkiecrazy:


Indeed. Any proper member of IFCC knows itΒ΄s better to make your sales pitch when the client is in distress, desperate and at his/her lowest point.
Also, a chorus of castrated damned singing in faux latin helps a lot to create atmosphere.

He should apprentice under someone. There's this Kuybey guy from the Department of Deceptively Cute Animals, who keeps getting little girls to sell their souls to him for things like cakes. Dude is a wizard at this...also a dick. Bunny Cat is a Dick.


Another possibility is the Department of Unscrupulous Music Producers. I heard Weez Weezel recently lost his job due to some contract gone wrong (no surprises here), and B.L. Zebub is looking for a replacement. Not a bad position, even if the old lizard has a temper.

This was a very good one-shot.

How about Eternal friendship?
Might makes for a sell!

Hm this story reminds me of THE BEST HELL EVER... perhaps he should throw a personalized hell on top

Still better than Grimmlet, he's still mad that a human witch girl tricked him...not that he didn't have it coming. Taking her contract for her soul before he asked what she wanted. Got to agree with Advocat though, that girl was ballsy. Wishing for a Great Daemon to 'embrace God'? Brilliant bit of simple wishing, without any real loopholes. She's the type of client you always want to have. Fun to bargain with, and if she wins, you just climb out of the Pit and try again with someone else.

No he was growing a specific kind of plant.

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