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For all of the apologies meant to be said but never spoken, God made me to fill the hole. I'm sorry if this is annoying


New Group I made · 12:00am Feb 1st, 2021

A Collection of Evil Starlight Glimmer Stories, open for anyone regardless of your opinion of her character.


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Thank you for the favorite :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for adding Parent-Teacher Conference to your favorites! I hope you enjoyed your time with it.

Thanks for the fav on Queen of High Scores!:moustache:

E"What's Yours is Mine!" or "Why Work When You Can Steal?!"
Two crafty robbers from the big city of Manehatten learn about the "easy pickings" to be had in a sleepy little town called "Ponyville." Fortunately for them, it also has a top-notch hospital...
-TheStoryteller- · 5.2k words  ·  98  5 · 917 views

:yay: for the Fav!

Thank you for liking my story Night Artist ^^

  • Viewing 90 - 94 of 94
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