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Do you know what Fimfic needs? A Father's Day not-a-contest!

What's a not-a-contest?

It's a challenge to write stories with a particular theme. No deadlines, no prizes, minimal rules. This is inspired by Admiral Biscuit's not-a-contest for ponies with day jobs on Earth.

What are the rules here?

  1. Stories must be about fathers and fatherhood in some way, shape, or form.
  2. Stories should be E-rated or lightly T-rated. (Note change from "E-only.")

Trixie and Jack Pot? Perfect!
Flurry and Shining Armor? Yes!
Flurry and Sunburst? Close enough!
Quibble Pants and Wind Sprint? Absolutely!
Thunderlane and Rumble? Why not!

That's it!

Please add stories that are E-or lightly T-rated and fatherhood-related to the group!

For the forum, let's keep discussions E-rated and non-political.

Group icon credit.

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Finally, I can submit a story to this thing.

Whats the minimum count?

This is giving me Cadance is A Bad Mother Conest vibs and I love it :heart:

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