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A group created to help organize entries of The Trioverse.

What is The Trioverse? It's an Alternate Universe based around an Equestria ruled by Luna. Needless to say, there are a lot of differences from the Equestria we know because of this...

Such as the fact that Twilight, Sunset Shimmer, and Trixie are good friends~ :twilightsmile:

For those wondering where to start, Luna's Protégé is a must.

From there, you'll have more than enough context to enjoy The Teal Changeling, The Fillies of Canterlot Castle, Bond Building, and Magic and Confetti.

Midnight's Radiance and Loyal Knight are paired together, and I recommend against reading Shadow's Flare until you've read the other two first.

Here's the stories listed in chronological order:

The Teal Changeling, A0-1 <--Chrysalis, changelings, and their place in the 'verse!
Luna's Protégé, A1-1 <--Start here! (complete)
The Fillies of Canterlot Castle, A1-2 <--Continues where Luna's Protégé left off.
Bond Building, A1-3 <--Silly one-shot, Trixie's magic goes awry.
Magic and Confetti, A2-2 <--Trixie 'gains' an assistant, and a headache.
Midnight's Radiance, A3-1 <--Celestia is returning!? (complete)
Loyal Knight, A3-2 <--Sunset's life changes more? (complete)
Shadow's Flare, A4-1 <--Nightmare is returning!?

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Most likely the same thing that happened to Luna, Celestia was banished to the sun.

Dangit, what was the name of that one story where Trixie, Twilight, and Sunset were *orphans*. It has the same front picture as the one shown above.

Sunset, Trixie and Twilight’s horns form a triangle.

I have a new custom crosshair.

I like the idea, but if Luna came to power, what happened to Celestia?
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