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Trixie is anything but an ordinary stage magician, so it goes without saying that only a unique kind of assistant should accompany her.

Without even intending it, that's exactly what she gets, along with all the headaches and life lessons that come with it.

Set in the Trio-verse, an AU where Celestia was banished instead, and Luna took up Sunset, Trixie and Twilight as her students. Cover art provided by Cloureed.

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 118 )

A different kind of start...huh. I'll upvote for now.

Very nice start. Sid and Slick make for interesting villainous foils - they're not walking jokes, they're not so dangerously competent that you wonder why they're just crooks, but a comfortable place in between, and would certainly have been more than a match for most ponies who are not Trixie. Looks promising, will follow.

For now I find the story funny. But it's hard to tell with just one chapter. So let's say this chapter is funny. :raritywink:

Love it so far.

And really, that's what Sid and Slick get for robbing just anyone who wanders by, you never know who your victim actually is.

Pretty sure I spent more time working on the blurb than the chapter. Writers block while working on a blurb, how annoying.

Man, I know that feel.

Good stuff, so far. I wonder how Trixie will keep the lil' bloodsucker well-fed and out of trouble...

6530470 To be fair, I don't think Slick intended to rob Trixie. It's just that there was no going back after Sid jumped the gun.

At least I assume that's why he was annoyed.

i think i just realized why Trixie enchanted those glasses that little filly is wither a gorgon or has hypno eyes.

6534175 A gorgon and a lamia are two totally different things, friend. The reason why Trixie gave her those enchanted glasses are because lamia are traditionally (in folklore, at least) depicted as being able to hypnotize with their eyes (which means you are still correct), and that was how they gained the reputation similar to vampires and succubi. It was how they captured their meals.

On topic, really looking forward to this one, Alterad. Just like I have your others!

And this is why you don't let your mouth (or your doll) talk faster than you can think!

Another enjoyable chapter. Well done.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

The other side of Equestria? That was more than a short stroll. Trixie then glanced to the side. Oh well. It is what it is. She had no intention of turning her back on the filly. She'd just have to put her tour on hold.

Better yet, cross country tour, just in an unexpected direction.

Creepy doll is creepy.

A unkempt bed. Several drawers and cupboards with food and traveling amenities. As well as a bunch of this-and-thats resting on the wall, hanging from the ceiling, plushing on the bed. It was small, and cozy, but there was something about it that bothered the filly.

Hey, nobody said that the wagon was great and powerful.

Home is in the badlands? Makes sense.

Suspicious road is suspicious. Well, either that or just ironic.

“And Tiko is you, Reina. Call Trixie a dum-dum all you like, but she's not gonna buy your act,” she assured, before adopting an amused smile, “Still, it wasn't a bad idea,” she admitted, “We can use that story to get you around Equestria,” she added, making Reina blink in surprise.

INB4 the doll isn't actually Reina.

Wonder if were going to get a dear princess Luna letter?

Yes, talking dolls are creepy. Too often do they want to kill you or replace you or dozens of other horendous things. :pinkiecrazy:

. . . I don't trust Tiko.:ajbemused:

Okay I just laughed my pants off. Man I can't wait for the next chapter. :rainbowlaugh:

So Trixie has committed herself to escorting Jeff Dunham across the country? Sounds like excellent opportunity for shenanigans. Just make sure Tiko opens for Trixie, so he can't offer commentary about her show.

I'm something of a connoisseur of finely made original characters, and I am enjoying Reina very much. Actually, I like your side characters as well.

Wow 51 to 0

That is impressive you ask me

Whatever that spell was, Trixie didn't want to get a taste of it. Her magic shifted gears, the lid being dropped, falling over the side as she enchanted her sunglasses, right before the filly looked at her. The spell her eyes were casting didn't pierce those starry spectacles, making Trixie let out a brief sigh.

Hypnosis averted. That's not something you see everyday.

Lamia's huh? Well I'm already intrigued.

So, Reina has an uncle Ren, does she?

6857220 So it would appear. Maybe if she paid a little more attention to their 'chitty chatty', she might have picked up on her mother's name. :scootangel:

Glad to see this story going on. I love the chemistry between Trixie, Tiko and Reina. :twilightsmile:

Also do I suspect Zecora here? :ajsmug:

Loved that this was updated!!!!

Heh, friendly Trixie feels so alien, yet just so nice! :twilightsmile:

This was an excellent update. Most appreciated.

I like it. Trixie is in-character, Reina is adorable, and there's just enough suspense to keep you reading.

My only complaint is a lack of exposition- Trixie is Luna's student for no reason, and, though plauisible, Lamias came out of nowhere. I can only hope you answer these questions in a later chapter.

Reina at Trixie's show is super adorable.

6860418 Not for no reason. This story is a part of a larger Alternate Universe.

A fairy princess, looking to protect her mother and kingdom from a looming war on the horizon against the sprites. A vile, warmongering father. A loyal guard. Trusted friends. And an odd sprite prisoner.

I see what you did there.:ajsmug:

Based on a 'true' story!
However, this raises an interesting question:
Do fairies and sprites actually exist in Equestria? Or are they creatures of myth and legend like on Earth?

oh finally see who was fallowing the two idiots.

“Don't me shilly Twilight,” the mare mumbled, “the shquare root of four ish delicious pie.”

This line made me laugh my pants off me. :rainbowlaugh:

So Trixie is a heavy sleeper? Why am I not surprised?:trixieshiftright:

Sleeping Trixie is most adorable Trixie!

6882479 Don't forget, one of the main stories in the Trioverse is 90% just Trixie sleeping. :trixieshiftleft:

6885060 How is it that I tend to remember subtle details, yet forget mundane details like that all the time?:facehoof:

6885065 I saw "Shadow's Flare" in the side box, and now I keep thinking "I wish every single chapter where Trixie is dream-walking had a quick-cut to her in real life, snoring like a buzz saw."

i call that Circus bit foreshadowing:pinkiehappy:.

Now to ponder on how many chapters it'll take for Trixie to realize how hard it is to upset the zebra...

Cannon show Trixie could manage to upset even a calm person such as Zecora in half a chapter. This Trixie, I don't think she would even go that far. Her friendship with Twilight and Sunset should have chanced her too much to be that offensive against anypony unless they really deserved it. :twilightsmile:

Why must you make your villains so likable? I can't think of a single villain in any or your stories that I hate.

6901719 I'm glad that you find them likable. :twilightsmile: Maybe writing for two characters that started off as 'villains' is the reason my villains come across that way? Or maybe I'm just a loopy author who's only talent is chugging out dastardly villains of likability? Yeah, it's probably the second one.
(I don't think too many people find Mantis and Sledge likable) :pinkiecrazy:

Reading that first chapter got me hooked like a salmon.

Tiko is quite possibly the best thing that happened to the Trio-verse.

Trixie is in for quite the ride on this one! Sorry I haven't been reading more often!:pinkiecrazy: I was thinking long and hard about my Dark-verse and took what you said into consideration.

This little Lamia is on her way to being as silly as Trixie I can see.

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