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Evident Disaster


"The way to salvation is through the path of damnation..." Supreme Commander of the Helldivers 33rd.
It is the year 2551, in the depths of the galaxy, a war between mankind and the covenant rage on, both sides are determined to win at all costs, and neither is going to back down. For the human race it is survival against a hostile alien threat. For the covenant it is victory for their gods and the ascension of their races to godhood over all.
But in the years of the war, soldiers grow tired and many seek to end the war soon, but their efforts result in bloodbaths across the stars. After so many years the human race manages to cripple the covenant and break the deadlock which had been holding them. And now they are on the doorstep of the covenant. But when an accident during a campaign sends the lives of marines to a place that war is but a memory, how can they adapt? And what dangers follow thse marines?

This story will involve some drama. Swearing, a little violence and action, but not much, at least not until i decide to change the story or adjust it.
The characters are anthro so please keep that in mind, and also note that the image used is from STTheo of Deviantart who i asked with expressed permission about his Helldiver units and their designs, which i altered for my OCs, so keep that in mind. And we might see some other things come around as the story progresses. So i'm not sure how it will go.

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Looks intresting, will track

So much Halo stories lately... We need moar Red vs. Blue stories!

Looked interesing. Now i just can't read it! :applejackconfused:

Agreed man, it would be nice to see a few more, but i've been kind of busy with ideas back on FF.net, so i can't really be of help.:pinkiesad2:
Why not?:raritydespair:


>she could put her hand on places
>hand on places
>mfw pony's dont have hands

Dude did you read the description about the anthro pony thing?:unsuresweetie:

Neat story, also I've read some of your other stories on Fanfiction.net and I wanna say that they are awesome :rainbowkiss: I don't have an account on Fanfiction so yeah, at least I can tell ya how awesome your stories are from this website. :pinkiehappy:

Oops made a double... damn formatting. :derpytongue2:

I'm going to edit this in the morning, its about 1am here.

Nice so far man, ill probly send you my OC when i get the time :derpytongue2:

Another awesome chapter :pinkiehappy:


The only thing that I noticed through the story was the use of "clip", which annoyed me. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!:twilightangry2:
other than that, good story. (I hope this image thing works)

Thank you for the clarification, i've had a pain trying to understand that.:derpytongue2:

Woohoo another chapter! :pinkiehappy:

I don't know what else to say so :yay:

:rainbowlaugh: love this story so far, i would give you my OC but hes sort of unusable considering hes a dead pony reanimated by magic and i doubt you'd want that :derpytongue2:

This was amazing as per usual. Really looking forward to the next chapter :twilightsmile:

Another awesome-sauce chapter. :twilightsmile:

lol piper pat brb reinstalling s.t.a.l.k.e.r.

love this so far you make anthro work very good

well done sir well done:moustache:

mein oc is based of my picture (you can choose the name as long as hes above 18) :pinkiehappy:

How much longer till the next chapter, I'm dieing of waiting here.

Ready or not, here it is!


249867 You picked the perfect time to post the new chapter, I had to use MY HTC to read this as I was at school, and well, the screen made my eyes hurt, but now I can read this much better, but when my eyes weren't hurting (lol) I could tell this was a great chapter:twilightsmile:


I vote yes for the tails, my reasoning would be that if they are without their tails it would make them seem a little "too" human, at least, in my opinion they would be "too" human, but if your aim is the make them closer to human, I'd think tails wouldn't really make all that much difference, seeing as it will show that they are clearly NOT human, but still have the close appearance of one. But I still vote Yes for the tails since it would make them seem more like ponies or something. :pinkiehappy:

But eh, that's just me. :pinkiecrazy:


Awesomely awesome chapter is awesome and I hope that everyone's favorite ADHD-ish pink pony throws a "Hurray! Big-Tough-Meanie-Pants-butnotreallymeaniepants-Aliens-Are-Reunited Party!"

Buuuut that's up ta you. :moustache:

More like break the 4th wall and cause mayhem and fun don't ya?
Well i'll wait for the votes.

253269 I think he should give them tails to, but wouldn't then he would have to redone that first chapter a bit, you know because of then now having tails.

249867 Seeing as how the ponies are human like, you could always at a bit of love between the humans and the poines, some where near the end, unless your too scared to that is lol.

I am doing the romance, but it's more or less platonic man, and also i might have to go and rewrite the whole story again for the tails, which would be a bit of an annoyance, but still. I might continue on and then afterwards when i finish i'd go back and alter it. So there's that.:unsuresweetie:
And then there's also the pairings, and the extended story which is going to be like another 60,000+ words.
Yikes... i dunno, i've been thinking, should i integrate the actual Halo universe into all of this?
If so, should i do it with this or without this single fiction? Or should i seperate them so i don't have mixed results?

254060 I think it'll be best to leave the flood out of this fic, that would give the poines nightmares for years if any of them are left, plue seeing as how this is another world, and did the chief go to sleep in space, hmm.... you do the maths, not sure about the adding the Covent, may be a bit to much to handle, unless this is set after Halo 3 but then some people are a bit hand headed, meaning they may not take to well to there friend being in love with a pony like human, if you get my point.

Okay, so don't aggravate the whole brony community by shipping any of the mane 6 with anyone human?
Don't go and fill the fic in with flood and the covenant... which is pretty easy considering that there's not much covenant, and the flood might possibly appear in another fic later after this one's finished.
And no i won't kill off any good characters or ponies. The OCs on the other hand, no one would really care would they?

On a side note, who'd like to submit an OC for the fic? No OP, Mary Sues!

254091 Yeah well you can have my OC if you want, I'll send a PM about him to you and I didn't mean don't do any shippings, I think it would be great idea, but I what was saying was, another human in the fic may not take to well to their friend being in love with a alien that looks human.

Ahh that's what you meant... that's understandable.:raritywink:

254112 Yep, that's what I mean, but why do I get the feeling that you've got a shipping between Miguel and Twilight planned, I mean I could see the one between Skyline and James/Whitetail as clear as day, you know that name Whitetail would made a great pony name, don't you think?

Whitetail is actually a North American Deer, which is exactly why James wears deer antlers on his helmet, and is specialised in the field of forest warfare, he's meant to blend in with his environment.
The story between Miguel and Twilight isn't much like a romance, more of an understanding, as Twilight had shared his memories and his life, so she feels a lot more towards him, but not romantically, but that's going to be decided later.


I don't really like shipping of any kind all that much, since in my opinion there are WAY too many romance stories out there already, but everyone has his or her own tastes and such. I myself do not really like romance, but if it makes sense and is awesomely written and I can actually believe it, then it's A-Okay, but do what ya wanna do.

Everyone has the right to choose their stuff. But about OC's I don't really see what the big issue is with OC's of any kind, though Mary Sues are really annoying and very few people can pull off a Mary Sue with extreme ease and it makes sense. Well anyway, before I drag on anymore: Romance if you want to but I'd suggest using non-canon characters or your own characters or whatever, try to balance it all if you do put in the covenant or the flood or anything else, but since I've read your other stories on FF.Net, you'll easily be able to nail it with the keeping things in line and just about everything else, and last but not least: the one thing that I find a little annoying is doing impossible shipping that doesn't make sense and all that other mumbojumbo...like say "Twilight and...someone like Derpy Hooves or something" I dunno, also as another thing I'd like to say is that in my opinion, if you make other stories that are spin offs or alternate things or whatever it is you come up with, try staying with the way things went in your other stories that had worked out, like this current story for example, I think anthro-ponies will go nicely with any universe you plan to use with the ponies when you make other stories and stuff.


Sorry for making ya'll read a wall-o-text :unsuresweetie:

Your story is still awesome though. :rainbowkiss:

If only I could give you a cookie by smashing it through the screen...sadly the laws of science and stuff do not allow such a thing to occur. :raritydespair:

:rainbowderp: hmm, looks good so far .3. and about the tails id say its up to you :derpytongue2:

255780 But I'm just saying the seeing as Twilight knows quite a bit about Miguel, it makes it look like you've get a hidden shipping planed with the two, seeing as how she feels sad for him and all that, This is one of the best halo storys ever, and I see that your saying that James is kind of a Solid Snake guy, you know with the staying out of sight and all of that, but still being able to hold his own in a fight when busted. Just a Solid Snake with super eyes sight and all of that other crap. Yeah, I'm a MGS Fan as well, so what shoot me, wait forget the last part. You should at lest give a romantic try between Miguel and Twilight, I'm there's already one with James and Skyline so why stop there?

Please sir, can we have some more?:fluttercry: Or and ETA?

Time set was supposed to be anywhere in between 1 chapter per week to fortnight, i've gotten to work on the next chapter a while ago, so it might come out on time.

Sorry I must have missed it when you stated that. Thank you.

Man how long till the next chapter is out.

It's been three weeks! I'm beginning to get desperate for more story :pinkiecrazy:

Spirit of Fire? As in the ship from Halo Wars? If so then OMG HERE COME THE SPARTANS!:pinkiegasp: If not then please disregard my last statement.:twilightsheepish:

Spartans there will be and a lot of action to come...:rainbowlaugh:

ODST = Helldivers
SPARTANS = :pinkiecrazy:?

The Covenant are so screwed. I just hope someone remembers to tell the Spirit of Fire about the whole Covenant separatists event.

Don't worry the SoF will learn the simple way.
As for the spartans, there's the ALPHA division of the UCAF super soldier program which i did mention in the very first chapter.
Spartan's of ALPA are much more deadlier, and so are elites, as in they're supposed to be a whole new mix so all elites are about as dangerous as a fully armed SPII :yay:We're screwed.

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