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sorry for not returning sooner... · 1:38am Jul 23rd, 2013

Current things at home aren't so good right now. On top of current studies I haven't been able to allocate more time to fanfics.
The only one bit of news is that I have been able to add a new story soon, that will be Gundam Equestria series I'm going to start.
The fic will launch hopefully this week. I have a lot riding on this...
Oh by the way I've been trying to rewrite all of my older fics and tried adding new content, it shouldn't be long before they also come back to the front page.

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I'm back at last! · 3:06am Mar 1st, 2013

Oh for the love of molestia, I'm sorry to my readers but my net went dead about 3 weeks ago, and i've been raring to get back ASAP, but now that i'm back guess what? I'm packed with homework and I've been dealing with family matters regarding my nut job sister who wants to become and even nuttier religious follower of Mormon, yes that religion. I've no idea why but my family overall think she's going overboard (I already do). Seeing as how much time has passed I'm in a desperate rush to come

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Fort Kenji · 4:24am Dec 5th, 2012


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Fallout: Emerald Ranger... · 4:42am Oct 27th, 2012

Following Owls Well That Ends Well, Spike after running away from home finds himself lost until he finds himself in the midst of the ruins of Everfree castle, where he encounters a spirit of Nightmare which grants him his wish to never come back to Equestria. He is flung into the multi-verse where he soon finds himself stranded in a mysterious place called the Capital Wasteland with a strange group of travelers who discovered him. He is then taken under the wing of a respected mentor known as

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The Broken Dawn: Pinkie Pie! · 2:10am Oct 6th, 2012

Now i know that Pinkie throughout various Halo fics which do involve some sort of violence has been portrayed in some cases are aggressive to say the least, i wanted to take my own spin at it, with something a little different.

Now that i have your undivided attention, here is what i plan on going by, would you want me to make Pinkie...

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