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NOTE: Story has been cancelled due to lack of interest and requirement of character retcons, as this story was created before Bioware's first MP updates (which introduced renegade Cerberus and N7 classes) for Mass Effect 3.

A lone N7 vanguard is enroute to a mission until things go awry, and he finds himself in a new world. An ex-Cerberus soldier staring at the face of death is given a miraculous second chance. And together, both must come to terms with the new world they now live in, as well as working with the Elements of Harmony to defeat an evil that has long since plagued Equestria... and more.

Crossover material: Mass Effect 3/MLP
Rated Teen, for Violence and Language
Co-Author: ThreeVolt

The Mini-Codex has OC spoilers, but it's highly recommended that you read it. Otherwise, enjoy.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 63 )

Story, Y U NO have reviews? :rainbowhuh:

Looks solid so far. Grammar's good, characterizations seem okay and Im already liking Jayce.

14 thumbs and no downs! I believe this is a success.

Thanks for the comments, everyone (or everypony, haha)!

This was actually just a random idea that popped into my head one day, and I wanted to make an ME crossover that didn't involve Shepard, like the majority of the other ME crossovers on Fimfic.

Whats this, A ME/MLP crossover? I'll give it a shot....
Well, at least RD didn't attack the heavily armed/armored alien that could kill her with the flick of the wrist. *reads*
Hmmm, for someone who has been all over the galaxy he wouldn't believe for a second that a single being moves the sun and moon around the planet and would be quick to correct this, but I'm willing to overlook it. *reads more*
Really? Another HIE where the random human turns out to be an element never seen before or even mentioned earlier and given a paper-thin explanation based on what the genocidal alien robot crustaceons say they represent. :facehoof:
That aside, you at least had good grammar and spelling

*sigh* well, it seems I must continue my search for a decent ME/MLP crossover.

452855 For the first point, Orion was the one who initiated first contact. He did not shoot immediately upon seeing RD and Twilight and instead attempted to talk to them. I don't think an attempt at diplomacy constitutes outright hostile contact.

As for the second, if you'd been all over the galaxy, you'd have most likely witnessed a wide amount of strange and unexplainable events. The fact that the sun and moon have to manually raised would seem a bit tame compared to most things, if not a bit strange. I had intended to go further into detail on this in a later chapter.

As for the third, a human being an element wasn't something I ran into in all of my time here reading fimfictions. As I stated in the story itself, Orion also thinks it's a stupid and paper-thin explanation, but it's all he can go on at the moment, and it's better than just chalking it up to "space magic".

And I'm curious as to your final point: What exactly would you constitute to be a "decent' ME/MLP crossover, then? You do realize the concept of a crossover is inherently ludicrous in itself, right?

Liking the story.
452855 Pony Effect is a good ME/MLP crossover, ponies replace humans.

Looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work DMDeck16.

Hah! My two favorite fandoms crossed! I love this!


453346 Thanks! It's my first story, so I'm trying to make it as decent as possible.

453900 And thanks to you, too! Smile-Shep always make me laugh. :rainbowlaugh:

452893 I think I'll go with the Space Magic explanation from now on.

Also, the human being an element is mostly seen in the low rated stories that most don't really bother with.

As for my version of a good ME/MLP story, it does usually involve a crash but it would'nt be anywhere near any towns or cities, forcing the character into a survival situation that he/she is used to. Then after awhile the ponies are eased into the story giving the character time to cope, and taking away the temptation for the author to make "the badass N7 space marine fainting/somehow being knocked out in a contrived way and being dragged off and somehow restrained despite being fully armed" (seriously, too many potential stories do that, just ask Flight 19, it has 3 or 4 NAVY pilots fainting at the mere sight of ponies, including someone who has been in for around 15 years) then he is forced to escape from the ponies but sticks close to town, (since getting lost again is very stupid).

Notice how I said ponies and not the Mane 6, it does'nt have to always be them having the fun :pinkiehappy:

Edit: Just to be clear, I'm not the one who gave you the Thumb Down :scootangel:

Not entirely sure if want. On the one hand, it's a ME/FiM crossover. On the other hand, the fact that Orion just so happens to be fulfilling an ancient prophecy rubs me the wrong way for some reason.
Imma keep my eye on this and see how it develops before judging.

One question. When's the next chapter?

454764 Aye, that it is. It did occur to me that it could have worked if he had crashed on the outskirts instead and had just attempted to observe instead of communicate, but I figured that it wouldn't be very interesting in terms of story advancement. I know there's always the running joke about Lyra being the human-obsessed pony. Crossover that try to seriously attempt at explaining how it came to be always have thin-ice type of arguments though. Kind of like trying to cross Adventure Time and Game of Thrones and then seriously trying to justify it; I guess it's just par for the course.

And don't worry about the thumbs down, I'm well aware that I can't cater to everybody's tastes.

456595 It's just an Orion thing, don't worry. Jayce is much too brash and reckless to allow himself to be bogged down by prophecy. :ajsmug:

458152 It's in the works, don't worry about it. :pinkiehappy:

That is more of a fusion than a crossover.

458303 That is true. But seeing as the tags don't have it, this is probably the closest tag it can be classified in.

459170 Thanks for the heads-up, I wasn't aware of that. I'll amend the information.

459517 I sort of thought it'd be more easier to understand in context of using game mechanics. I'll work that out in my later chapters. Past-present tense might have eluded me, I'll have to do more proofreading on that one to make sure. As for telling who is who when talking, I sort of thought that adding in new lines to specify who's doing the talking might have seemed superfluous and unnecessary, but will work on rectifying that later on.

Thanks for the feedback!

y u nightmare luna?!

Damnit I really wish bullets worked against magic.

461160 461200 Don't worry, I'll clarify on that later on.

461256 They can conjure magical barriers capable of stopping ballistic projectiles! You can't explain that! :twilightangry2: Don't worry, though, elbow grease always worked for lots of things.

all i know is, the Cain must be used sooner or later... fuckin reaper in ME2 never stood a chance :rainbowlaugh: seriously, i bet it could break through nightmare bitch's barriers easier, being able to own a gigantic human reaper and all :twilightblush:

461509 Oh, it'll be used, for sure. But somewhere down the line with explosive effect. :pinkiehappy:

461520 hmm, spoiler? but hey, i wanna see the mass effect version of the tfe medic's ubercharge, but only 3x as strong, due to magic and stuff :pinkiehappy:

461579 Oh, in my excitement I hadn't realized I slipped on that. I shall... alter the statement, and hope that I do not need to alter it any further.

461266 what's to clarify? Nightmare just took over Luna. Right?

461667 Indeed. Sorry, I mistook the comments as ones of confusion. All's well. :pinkiehappy:

461681 I've done that myself a few times.

And the plot thickens to the point of oatmeal...:moustache:

Jayce seems rather understanding of what is happening to Luna. 50 Bits says some from his past haunts him too (likely not an evil psycho version of himself but still).

50 Bits That The COmment ABout Me Fails/Win

A hit from one of the guns on the fighter and Nightmare will be in a world of hurt.

I see the shitstorm is brewing on the horison...:pinkiecrazy:

oh shit is right... i have a pinging feeling Orion is gonna teleport or some shit :applejackunsure: he better, i dont want one of the main characters to fuckin die like that :raritycry:

I want to say he did a biotic charge all the way to the moon.

Well.. that was unexpected.

Something I noticed, though:

"Nope," Orion immediately said. "Too dangerous, and I don't want any fallout."

The M-920 Cain is not actually a nuclear weapon. The Nuke Launcher nickname is just that, a nickname, based on the large size and mushroom-cloud shape of the explosion. There would not be any fallout.

In other words, Orion is free to use the Cain without any guilt (so long as there is nothing he doesn't want destroyed within a significant radius of his intended target).

515556 I had originally intended that statement to be in terms of civilian collateral damage (damage of property), but I can see how it might be interpreted as such. I'll fix it. Thanks for pointing it out!

Damn, Orion just blew up... That's... actually kinda cool. I was hoping you would make the rock like some kind of boom-a-rang rock that he would throw and hit Jayce in the face. Anywho, can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the good work!

525600 Thanks for the kind words!

As for the whole Orion-blowing-up thing, I guess I sort of wanted to paint them as people. Much like how Jayce can be quiet and thoughtful, that also means that Orion can also be prone to hotheadedness. They are only human, after all. :ajsmug:

The next chapter is also in the works, but it's coming along slowly. I've had back-to-back weeks of tests, and my next one is coming up this Friday, so just hang tight until then.

526800 No worries, keep your academics before us. That's all I ask. No need for you to get low test grades because of us. Anywho, Good luck on the tests and on the next chapter!

Now We Need That Orion Come Back With Some Kind Of Weapon

nice chapter cant wait to see how well thus new gun fares against nightmare moon

561855 Nope. He gets pulled back along with the Reaper. Nightmare Moon v. Reaper:trollestia:

562590.........I like that idea....:pinkiecrazy:

Epic idea!
Also: where the buck is chapter 10? It's been almost a month since the last update.

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