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I am a computer scientist, interested in game development for over a decade, and I've made several connections within the industry. I've worked at Ninjaneering, Rice University, Pi Studios, and Sungura Games. I've also published my own apps on the Android Market, and developed a few small games while studying at Rice.

I'm a fan of many games, RPGs in particular. My friends sometimes tease me as I analyze a game from the perspective of a designer, rather than a player, but I enjoy it and I feel it helps me in my chosen field.

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Happy Wormhole X-Treme! Xmas · 2:17am Dec 25th, 2017

Happy Christmas, everypony!

I'll admit that I fell off the writing wagon a bit after I exhausted my buffer of completed chapters for Stargate Tail. I'm planning to post Chapter 9 soon, though, so that's a Christmas present from me to all of you. :twilightsmile:

I'm personally about 12 hours away from opening presents with my family, but I'm sure there are people out there who have already begun Christmas proper. I did do Secret Santa at work, though, so I've gotten some presents already.

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yes that's understandable but keep in mind that most people when they see your stories the last time us updated with that long ago they just completely ignore it you should at least update it once even if still very small one so I would say it was updated recently

Ps sorry for the broken English I'm tired and using nothing but voice recognition which can be glitchy

MLE is essentially on Hiatus, but it's not abandoned or cancelled. I'll get back to it eventually, I just don't have a timeline at the moment.

I was just hoping that you would at least update 'My Little Exalt' it is a very good story but if you can't it's fine I guess sorry I bothered you

I'm currently serving as an editor for Stargate: Shangri-La. I also have a partially-written story that I'm working on with cover art by totallynotabrony -- patrons can read the prologue now, actually -- and I'm reading The Long Cosmos before I continue writing The Long Trot.

Um are you going to continue writing?

  • Viewing 26 - 30 of 30
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