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Friends aren't people who don't piss you off. They're people worth forgiving over and over.


There once was a cat from Purru,
Whose limareics ended on line two!

This is a story of a mare from Peartucket, her son, his misadventures, and a bucket of bits. All told using the very lowest form of poetry.

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And this is why Lithl should never be permitted to write poetry.

I had to write this just to get it out of my head.

1496546 But the Doctor hates pears.

I read the whole thing. Sanity, GONE.

Join the club! :pinkiecrazy:

We have t-shirts.

1501890 Pfft. I've been the President of the 'Never Sane" club for 21 years, even though that's three years more than I been alive.

I ain't never been right in the head.
Not in the day nor when I sleep in my bed.
I'd stay up all night and day,
And giggle and laugh and say:
"I've not slept in years, I should be dead!"

I've rhymed more than one line or two,
I've gotten all the way to Peru.
I once strangled a fish,
Because it ate up my wish,
That I could be more like you.

If sanity was a birthright,
Then God past me by that night.
Because my brain- if the Doctor's not wrong,
Is most certainly gone,
And now my eyes don't shine bright.

I once had a mother named Sue.
She left Nevada when I was two.
We were brought up to here,
Where the Indians drink beer,
And gamble every winter the flu.

There once was a foal from Maredun

Woohoo! The tenth upvote! Great story. Must write my own sometime - if you've no objection, that is.

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