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It's the year 1002, and the time has come again for the Griffons to elect their new leader. When the polls come in, the results are surprising: Princess Celestia wins by a landslide, and she wasn't even running!

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Inspired by comments on totallynotabrony's blog. And because election day. (So what if I'm a couple hours late?)

1577436 And it took a while for the moderators to figure out the butterfly ballot.

Damn it. I kinda wanted her to stay on for a little longer and have an entire story with this...oh well, it's a nice little one shot.:ajsmug: faved.

If the ponies were to hold an election, None of the Above would win. Which might be awkward for the pony named None of the Above.

Go in, change it up, move out.

Aaw i wanted to see all the wackiness of the four years

Sorry! :applecry:

My own little "epic" is My Little Exalt, and that's the only story I currently spend any serious time and planning on. As soon as my friend can get his life in order, I'll also be co-authoring another full story. (I do a little bit of planning for that one, but I don't really want to put a ton of work into it until my co-author is ready.) Anything beyond those two will just be little one-shots that I have to get out of my head.

Hmm... I submitted this story at ~2am... I get the PM about its approval at ~10:40pm. Slow mod day! (Or heavy submission day!)

1581923 aw it's okay. I know that feel:ajsmug:

I like this one. Griffins saw Equestria and said, "We want somma that!"

Reminds me of that story where Celestia kept trying to swap over to an election based leadership, but absolutely nothing she could do would let it happen. Those running would deliberately run terrible campaigns, not even trying, and everyone just wrote 'Princess Celestia' on their ballots instead of actually voting.


that's cool, I still liked it.

for some reason I imagine her dancing away after "I quit" :pinkiecrazy:


Hah. Staying just long enough to ensure it never happens again.

I wonder is it possible to nominate a candidate from the party without his consent

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