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Stargate Command is Earth's first line of defense against a hostile galaxy. Their mandate is "to seek out and recover intelligence and technology to assist Earth in its defense against these aggressors." It’s a dangerous job, and SGC’s mettle and defenses have been tested before. All past incidents were resolved successfully, with the normal citizens of America – and the world – none the wiser. But...

This one may just take the cake. After SG-1 returns from a routine reconnaissance mission, bringing back a curiously intact artifact from an abandoned alien city, people begin to transform. When the changes spread across the planet, the SGC faces the prospect of losing control of the secret they've kept for over a decade.

A story in the theme of Five Score, Divided by Four crossing over with Stargate SG-1. This story is not canon Five Score; for example, Five Score takes place in 2020, while the final season of SG-1 takes place in 2007.
Huge thanks to totallynotabrony for the cover art!
Credit to Lord of Dorkness and totallynotabrony for editing assistance, as well.

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The first trotters, exploring the Long Trot, had found no trace of modern pony away from Prime. Certainly, there were some stone tools, fossilized remains of hearths in the depths of caves, and even a few equine bones. But there was no great gallop forward: no cave paintings, no burial mounds, no cities, no technology. The spark of Harmony must have been lit behind millions of protopony brows on a million worlds, just as on Equestria Prime, but it hadn't caught anywhere else.

There were equinoids out there, descendants of lost cousins of pony-kind, but ponies knew they would never encounter another creature that was anything as smart as they were. Never something that could speak Equuish, for example.

The only thing wrong with this generally accepted picture was that it was totally incorrect.

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The Pony of Ashfall has been dead for millions of years. She was the "missing link" between prehistoric horses and modern ponies.

Now she's coming to visit me, and I'm having trouble containing myself.

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Fblthp's service to the Azorius Senate rarely required him to leave the safety of the Magister's Garden. Except for assisting Arrester Parisha in capturing a Rakdos cultist, he couldn't remember the last time he'd poked his little homunculus toe outside Senate property.

Unfortunately for Fblthp, Parisha's parting words to him were, "until next time."

This is not the end of the Fblthp Saga! Once you're done here, check out FanOfMostEverything's sequel, A Sly Toll Tot. A Sly Toll Tot takes place in the same multiverse as his Elementals of Harmony story.

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It's the year 1002, and the time has come again for the Griffons to elect their new leader. When the polls come in, the results are surprising: Princess Celestia wins by a landslide, and she wasn't even running!

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There once was a cat from Purru,
Whose limareics ended on line two!

This is a story of a mare from Peartucket, her son, his misadventures, and a bucket of bits. All told using the very lowest form of poetry.

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An explosion of liquid light rocks Ponyville, and when its inhabitants awake, they find themselves stuck in the most foul of foul swamps. All of Ponyville has been transported to a strange new world of foreign magics, dangers, and mysteries, and this time the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony will not be alone in saving the day. But which day needs saving the most? Will it be Equestria's? Or Creation's?

This fic is a crossover with the Exalted roleplaying game by White Wolf Publishing, and was inspired by a collection of pieces by Rhanite.

Chapters (20)
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