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A moment in time. A little bit of muse. · 9:00am March 10th

The music danced between the pair, unicorn of snowy white, to changeling knight of ebon shell. Their voices rang in the clearing, a harmony of ages past, intertwined in memories long lost save to each others embrace in that singular moment. "I'm alone.. and sadness reigns in my heart." Such began, lifting from the intertwining warmth. "As long as we live, it wont go away. We are one, but torn apart." A smile, weathered between both.

"Will you still wait for me?" Celestia bowed to ask.
"Will you still cry for me?" He bowed as he did in return.
"Come and take my hoof." They continued, in tandem, a moment of time, theirs for a spell.

All about, changelings continued the song, merging highs and lows as their words mingled into a finality for the moment. "Proudly it stands, until lives end, an eternal banner of love." Followed only by a chuckle between. "It's been a while my lady." then a smile. "As it has my knight. Though this lady is much more a nag in waiting by now."

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2438035 Heh, thanks? And I hope you have a wonderful day.

Run into your comments quite a bit by this point, so I might as well watch you.

Thanks for the watch! I will forever love seeing that beautiful avatar of yours appearing in the comment sections of my fics. It's fabulous darling! :raritystarry:

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