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sorry, but i don't do backstory. I'm just experienced, and this is my first time submitting it to the public.


In other news · 6:14am Mar 11th, 2014

I'm taking a hiatus FROM QFTGH, (This doesn't mean the last blog is null, still sign up for that), and writing a new YogLabs story, one set in about the middle of Dimensional Portal, but without the seriousness, and it's just them trying to get along in the world. I think I liked it better then. It'll be something different, but include some of the first few chapters of Dimensional Portal.


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What is taking you so long with Chapter 17?

Okay, take your time. In the meantime, I will read other fanfics.

Dude, I've been gone for a week without internet.
And stop bugging me! I understand you enjoy the story, but believe it or not, commenting every other day telling me to write it isn't going to make me write it any faster.

Make more Chapters for Quest for the Golden Horseshoe.

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