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sorry, but i don't do backstory. I'm just experienced, and this is my first time submitting it to the public.


The day Big Mac came to Equestria, he was but a small colt. He told his story to passersby, but nopony believed him. Eventually, Applejack and Granny Smith found him, and brought him in. Except, they believed his story. They swore they would never tell anypony. But promises sometimes cannot be kept when you're the element of Honesty, and so the secret slips one night, and Applejack couldn't feel more guilty.

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Oh Celestia new chapter now!!!!!!

"Applejack and Rarity had met up at her butique."
Shouldn't that be
"Applejack and Rarity had met up at her Boutique."?

Edit: Good story so far. Can't wait to see the next chapter!

Wonderful. There's just one little thing, a pet peeve of mine, there should be double spaces between paragraphs. It makes it easier to read. Other than that, I'm gonna favorite this and see where it goes.

Short and sweet. This is a great take on human in equestria, since most human crossovers use an OC. This will go places.

Wow, twenty three likes and you're already in the featured bar... Why do I never get so lucky? Great work man, was a good story.

Adding to favourites, hoping you'll update it soon :D

Also, if you ever need a pre-reader, I can do so. Just to check for grammar and such.

1348897 Keep working, eventually you will write a story that alot of ponies will like :). My first story didn't took off but I loved writing nevertheless til I decided to start on my second story- Silent Dreamweaver and it took off and is fairly popular but not massive like many other amazing stories on FF.

Just keep writing and you will get it!


Yor kidding......your kidding right? While I am intrigued...I am disappointed that there wasn't more than the first chapter released. I hope this poor cliffhanger doesn't become routine. Other than that....good start....lets get some more meat for this story.


...hot, and said, "heh. That little...

"heh" should be capitalized

Quite well done, my good sir. I request more of it. :moustache:

Wow, I glanced at this story and ten minutes later it's in the feature box. Nicely done. You've generated a lot of interest, but now the challenging part...delivering on it.

So far I can't say much besides that your writing is creative and enjoyable. I'd probably would suggest you have someone read for mistakes though(I counted 3 places with letters missing and things), but otherwise it was pretty solid. However, I felt that the last bit where Applejack is 'Truthed' into telling Mac's story was a little bad though. Why do the girls want to know about Big Mac? How do they know he even has a story to tell? Why does Applejack not hesitate when asked to reveal such a riveting tale? It feels rushed and there are too many unanswered questions.

So far... it could be amazing, but at the same time, it could be terrible. All we know is Mac supposedly has a good backstory story. A track for now.

The hay is with your adverbs, and "Rarity just shrugged it off."s?
Please, do not write 'just' like that. Every time I read it a part of me dies. The adverbs keep being used in places where they should not be in. Most of the time, you don't need an adverb at all, so don't use them unless you want/need to. They are helpful if you want to descript something, but, please, use them with care and caution.

Try to show more, not just tell. Don't try and go into the past tense, saying 'was,' or 'just.' Describe. Make it real. And please add spaces between paragraphs; it's easier to read that way.

looks intriguing. Will read when it has some more chapters

More of a prologue than a 'chapter'

In any case, I'd suggest drawing it out a little more. It's moving incredibly quickly and as a result some actions and dialogue come across as seemingly forced and/or nonsensical. It also doesn't do anything to give us a good feel of the scene. I'm also a little bit iffy about some of the character decisions in the story, including, but not limited to, Rarity's denial of Spike's crush on her despite what happened in Secret of My Excess, Spike's stammering around Rarity despite him never actually stammering in the show instead of getting all dramatic and romanticized, and Twilight's intensive checklisting despite her lesson in "It's About Time."

Basically at this point, the story seems to be little more than "this happened, then this happened, then this happened, then this happened..." with a few odd character actions mixed in.

Aside from the serious shortness of the chapter, how fast things are moving, and a few of the character moments, the general concept seems to be interesting, though the setup seems particularly lacking. This isn't so much of a 'slip up' on Applejack's part as it seems to be a 'willful spill of Big Mac's secret and betrayal of his trust.' I mean it. She gets into 'truth or dare,' picks truth, and then proceeds to just tell Big Mac's story? That's not what I would describe as a 'slip up.' If she were drunk on cider or it was really late at night and she was incredibly fatigued or if it was just a slip of the tongue during a completely different story, then that would be a 'slip up' but as is, it seems like that's not the direction it's going.

I suppose I should wait until the next chapter to claim that though, seeing how she hasn't said actually said anything yet. Still, why end the chapter there if it's not going to be going into the main story from this point on. The format seems a little strange.

I'd suggest giving this another go. Get a collaborator or at the very least an experienced editor/prereader and give this chapter another shot. Try to make it longer, more descriptive, and give character actions a little more context, and try to define Applejack's 'slip up' a little better. It's a really interesting idea you have here, but from the look of just this first chapter/prologue, you're already hitting a fair number of potholes.

In any case, I'll fave it now just to see where you go with the premise, but the execution of the story is lacking.

Wow, that's a lot of text to read...
Nonehteless, I can retort your objections, and confirm suspiscions.
You see, Applejack didn't exactly 'slip up', as much as been forced to tell the truth. Rarity and Twilight wanted to know about Big Mac, and being the element of honesty, AJ can't lie. So she was technically forced to explain.
Second, Applejack won't exactly be talking about Big Mac's story in the next chapter. Since it's a pain to write in her dialect, I'm just writing the story from a 3rd person view. And really the next 3 or so chapters will be about his story, not just the next one.

But thank you for the favorite.:pinkiesmile:

I'm intrested... but I have a bad feeling about this....

I... just... GAAAAH!

Pretty much Dusty said most of what I wanted to say when I first read this story when I wasn't logged in at the time. I'm not gonna reiterate what you already heard, but I want to go further into one point.

Rarity seems to be absolutely revolted by the mere idea of Spike being in "sultry" love with her. Why would it count as "sultry" to moon over a girl? I have had a crush on a few girls and that doesn't mean I was in a embarrassing type of love that would have made the girl feel ashamed about my emotions.

No offense, but I do not believe with the amount of physical (spelling errors, punctuation, etc.) and spirit (storyline, in character, you get the drift) of this story is so highthat it does not deserve to be on the favourites bar for any period of time.

P.S. I am kind of a blunt person on critiques. I wouldn't have posted this unless I believe there is a actual, fixable problem with this story.
Take my words at heart, but just use them too to become better.


Okay, well... even if you go by the headcanon that the Element of Honesty is incapable of lying (which was proven untrue in Party of One and Last Roundup... she's just not GOOD at lying), really, all that Rarity said was "Tell us a story about Big Macintosh." She could have told any story about Big Mac and it would have been perfectly valid. She didn't have to spill his super secret origins.

Dear sir;
Please invest in a richer vocabulary and grammatical studies. The story was good, although I was distracted by the way things were put and the errors I saw. Proof reading would be good. If you already had someone proof read it, mulitple ones shall be better.

also... I don't think I understand

This is a good premise but grammatical errors and odd word usage bring it down. Also, I don't know how quite to voice this but the pillow fight scene did not feel engaging, I found myself skipping over parts of it, skimming for an interesting tidbit. Just keep working on it, I am sure your skills will increase with time and practice.

sorry, but I had an idea in my mind, and the whole pillow fight thing was mostly for fill so I could submit it.

dun dun dun! cliff hanger :pinkiegasp: cant wait for next chapter, definitally on my reading list:yay:

It wasn't all that hard to figure out what his story will be, given the giant clue.

MOAR! (I can't find the Moar Krabs pic)

Poor Spike still cant get any respect.
First Twilight kicks him out of the way when the ponies wanted to start the party then second they used him as a torture device against Rarity (she deserved this one though :rainbowlaugh: )

Rairity and Applejack both seemed a bit OOC.......


Potential, but I would rather wait and see before I vote ya or nay

1350111 I don't think that word means what you think it means.

Well, the thing is, I'm not good at writing premade character. It restrained me from twists and turns I like to make in my stories. Also, you're onto something...
Yeah, I guess you're right. Bt that's why you don't read the tags before you read the story, if that makes any sense at all. :applejackunsure:

I would say it is fine, but it feels like you are trying to fill which is the issue. Maybe it stems from the whole reciting the list or the wording of the pillow fight; though whatever it is, it makes the scene feel forced and unnatural.

I needed something to give me 1000 words, and my original idea wouldn't fit

Its a really great story, except it was shown in the episode "dragonshy" that Rarity is terrible at tic tac toe. Because when she played with pinkie pie, she lost every single round. Try to improve on that a bit.

Well, maybe it wasn't that rarity was bad, but Pinkie Pie is just really REALLY good.

Oh well, all you can do here is improve, unless you get into a head butting contest with a brick [hint: never get in a head butting contest with a brick]. //dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Luna_lolface.png

1352172 Sarcasm my friend. In the comedy routine I stoke it from, that enormous man said "Oh you spoil me" while talking about the all you can eat salad at olive garden. He didn't mean it. Nor do I.

Interesting... Favourited, just to see where this goes.

Got no hint of Big Mac's past in this prologue but...
*human tag*
Uh.... wow

promising so far still kinda turned off by the human tag

Okay, she's not 'Revolted' by his love, she just wanted to keep[ both their images afloat, and didn't want to spread rumors.

and since when did I use the word 'Sultry'?

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