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Blast from the past. WOO!


i bet i could break that dick like how i break a twig

weak dick 0/10 would not have fun with

Well, at least you didn't assume it was waving its dick around.

i can't tell if your avi has three legs or if that's just one really long and skinny shit

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And now, because no one asked for or really wants it, I give you some of my works.

As you can see, this is clearly Evil Twilight.

Pirates. Yarr.

I went for something a little different here.

That's Tyrael, Archangel of Justice and member of the Angiris Council, the greatest authority in the High Heavens. Be sure to always treat him with the utmost dignity.

I got followed by the Follower...

Christmas. Too bad I'm a sour old Grinch who won't be using this.

RPG Action Trio HUAH!

Save me Morgan Freeman!