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This story is a sequel to Twilight Sparkle of the Royal Guard

Between castle gossip, professional rivalries, a blooming romance, and a mysterious malefactor still at large, Decurion Twilight Sparkle has a lot on her plate. Hopefully, she'll make a few new friends as she moves towards the destiny she's chosen for herself.

As per usual, big thanks to Magello for the rad cover art!

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That is cheating having one chapter sit around unpublished for over a week.

I am glad to see two of my favorite ponies up to new shenanigans.

Comment posted by Nadir deleted Apr 26th, 2015

Interesting time to post this, right? Wow, just finishing this chapter put in a lot of impact. Feel bad for Spitfire, chapter actually made me tear up a bit. I can't wait to see more.

You know, wasn't sure at first how things were going to turn out with Spitfire. But I like how this came about, and it brought a smile- a partially sad one, but still a smile. Seems that Decurion Sparkle and Captain Spitfire might just be able to form a good bond, and that somewhere, Sky Chaser is smiling at how these two have made their peace. Good chapter.

Hell yeah motherfucker! Twiguard's back!




*squirm happily*

Devouring the first several chapters brought me shivers. Sooooo goooooooooddddd.

*paused at the Spitfire scene*

*bows down to yer majesty*

You so amazing!!!

You are made of magic. :fluttercry:

*reads moar and moar and moar*
It's been such a long time since I've read every single word. Usually, I speed through... but with your story, I can't help but wander slowly. How can I not appreciate its beauty?

And the dialog!!! AHHHHHH!!!!
How do you do it? Do you have a split personality? Do you read a ton!? GWAHHH!!

Reveal yer secretssss. Rawrrr!!!!!!!

Great to be back in this world. I love how Twilight's realasonship is in the cuddle phase. To cute for words.

“Think you’re so damned tough, do you?” Spitfire laughed, her voice reduced to a wheeze as Twilight constricted her windpipe. “If you’re so hard, how come you couldn’t even keep one old stallion safe?”


I haven't been this excited for a story in a long time!!!!!


*wiping eyes*

You deserve every bit of praise that will be pouring your way.
Sweetie Belle Chronicles? Whatever. Fall Out Equestria? It alright. Twilight Sparkle of the Royal Guard? BUCKING EPIC!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is a good story . And this book is shaping up to be even better than the first.

I'm so scared to read the next chapter.... I want to read it so badly... but then I'll have to wait!!! GAHHH!!!!!!!



You're filling up the comment box. Might wanna take it down a notch?

Also great story!


Hah, honey^3, you crazy. I'm glad to see you back too, but let's be courteous to the other posters, hm? Let's try to keep it to 2 comments per chapter. Thanks for being excited!

I admire you so much...

This chapter felt a tiny bit cliche-ish. But you made it work.
It was effective and beautiful.

When I read your story, I'm actually scared. I'm scared that the story's superb high quality would vanish... Cause it's so easy sometimes, to post something simply for comments. But-But you somehow provide something special. Consistently! Something that amazes me.

You are so talented that it makes me want to scream!

I am at a loss of words. You're simply amazing and inspiring. What else can I say?


Ah'm honest with mah feelings.

To be fair, ah rarely comment like this ever. But this story buckin deserves it.
Ah'm actually shocked by the lack of comments. Mah guess is that fimfiction ddos fiasco screwed up the notification??

5907884 Understandable, but do you think the author wanna see numerous comments from one person? I'm not saying stop, by all means comment what you feel, authors love that, but sometimes you have to ease it down a little ya know?


Yup. The Author worked his ass off. He deserves every comment.

Writin' ain't easy. And it's ridiculously easy to take it for granted. He poured countless hours and days into this story. The very least I can do is put aside a couple minutes to gush praise, especially when it's so obviously deserved.

yay the sequel is here! cannot wait for more:pinkiehappy:

An adorable, and amazing start to this, bravo, just bravo.

I was expecting this little plot thread to go on for a bit longer. But at the same time Twilight's actions are the right ones, best to lay out the problem and deal with it. Somewhat surprised that Spitfire was so open, but then again she is a bit detached from the loss and they are both soldiers.
Excited to see what comes next. You did a great job with the Dogs, so the bar is set high for more interesting explorations of minor species. :twilightsmile:


The story actually only got approved about 5 hours ago as of the time of this comment, so the comments, views, and votes are doing very well. The date on the chapters is misleading, because I finished and uploaded the first chapter a bit over a week ago, but held it in my pocket until I had two chapters ready for release, just like I did with the first arc's release.

And I do enjoy comments, and love seeing you gush, but the comment section is for my other readers as much as it is for myself. So I asked earlier, please try to bottle your enthusiasm into fewer posts, just for the convenience of your fellow TwiGuard fans. Thanks for being excited, again!

I can't believe it took me a week to find out you had posted this! TSotRG was amazing, and this is shaping up to be even better

Now that this is up, I'll give you three guesses at how happy I am.

But if you need more than one, then I'll guess my hand upside your head.

This made me want to talk to my dad, real hard.

Spitfire seems a little... entitled? She could have at least tried a more diplomatic route.

Glad to see this story started,

This just continues to be great. Nice job!

Real interesting first part :)



Glad to see this continued. The writing is mostly excellent, though something about the Spitfire wrap up felt a little abrupt, the interactions with Cadence and Luna and Glowbug, even those with Spitfire both before and after her attitude change, all felt like real conversations while staying interesting and endearing the characters to the readers.

It feels a little bit less like a slow start than the first story in the series, probably because of the bar brawl and the fact the reader is now invested in the characters more.

– and to Princess Celestia that one time, kind of – that she’d had the sort of dreams

Wait, when was this and how did I forget it?

EDIT: Never mind, a quick scan reveals it was chapter 2 of the previous story and I forgot because I read it nineteen weeks ago.

Kinda had a feeling that was what it was going to be, but it's a different feeling you get when you know about a fairly obvious story point and reading the words that go with it. That kind of thing is always a heart wrenching topic, unless you don't have one anyway.

“Apparently the box is made from some kind of enchanted super wood from overseas,”

I'd ask if it was Sapient Pearwood, but I saw no mention of hundreds of little legs or razor teeth on the inside rim.

Superb quality as expected
All I have to offer are my smiles, so have another. :twilightsmile:

Yay! This is the sort of military dramedy shenanigans that I was hoping to see from book 1! You tickle me pink, ya corny KoB, you.

I'm really hoping to see what kinda commander Twi is in this book. For some reason, just her acknowledging that she had ranking command in the bar gave me excited chills. I hope she gets to command a squadron or legion by the end of this book.

Badass Twi is best Twi.

such feels also that friggen adorable mane braiding.

I could tell from last chapter that Sky Chaser must have either been a dad, a brother, or a lover to Spitfire, so that reveal came as absolutely no surprise to me.

But I still bawled like a rejected schoolgirl on dance night.

Fuck you, KoB. That's the second time. Bravo, excellent execution as always.

Noticing a few key details you're laying here and there--that descriptive quip about Blueblood, mentions of a gryphon nation, the invincible wood from overseas, etc.--and I can't help but wonder which of these are just decorative, and which might be surreptitiously planted seeds that may hint at future plot details. Very curious, especially since you have yet to establish the primary conflict of the story and I really have no idea what to expect.

I am a bit disappointed to see Twilight adventuring beyond the walls of Canterlot, rather than hearing about more domestic tales of her life as an officer of the Royal Guard, but considering how you did that very same thing last arc and yet still managed to completely blow me away, I don't expect to be disappointed for long.


Super interested to see what kind of story you intend to tell this go-around and what ships you end up establishing.

I love the way this chapter ends with its reflection back on Basenji & Sky Chaser. I am excited for the next chapter!

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... I'm sorry, but I find it hard to believe that Twilight has "no clue" at the end why Spitfire hates her. She is smarter than that.


Kay Senpai!
I could never disobey your words!!!

In respect to your wishes, I'll stop posting whenever you write something that makes me smile. Rather, I'll just support your story by finding irl people and telling them how wonderful your story is. :pinkiehappy:

In the mean time, accept that you're better than many, many, many writers. I've delved into thousands of fimfic fanmade stories (+ thousands more in fanfiction net's site) and you're part of the small few that gave me such a reaction. The only time I sorta was this "level of happy" was... *ponders* Eakin's time travel story thingy (before his sequels hahaha).

But that's enough rambling. lolol. Concerning this story, I Pinkie Promise to only provide you (specifically) story comments only when I'm disappointed in your writing.

Time for me to shush naow Senpai. I'll just quietly cheer from the sidelines. :heart:

Twilight still has her magic chakram, right?

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