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I am a biomedical scientist who enjoys reading and writing about ponies in my spare time.

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Defining the Readers of each Genre: Part II · 1:21am May 16th, 2016

In my previous post, I used data from a 2015 Harris survey to examine how reader demographics vary across different genres of books. From this data, I was able to group the genres into three rough clusters: Cluster 1 seems to consist of pleasure reading read predominantly by younger readers, cluster 2 consists of educational

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I also plan read through your blog post on category theory at some point as well.

It's not any good. Give me a week and I'll try to write a better one.

I'm actually a biologist who does more with data than with math (my training is in biophysics). I work with a lot of RNA sequencing data to do bioinformatic work analyzing how patterns of gene expression change under various conditions.

However, thinking back to undergrad, my favorite math class was abstract algebra. I happened to be taking some chemistry and physics classes dealing with symmetry at the time, so it was great to learn the group theory that underlies the mathematics of symmetry (as well as many other concepts in chemistry and physics).

Hope you enjoy the blog posts! I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts if you have any. I also plan read through your blog post on category theory at some point as well.

Hey, Applefriend! What kind of math do you like?

I see you have some old blog posts on data that I'll be reading soon. Do you still do data things?

Thanks for the watch! ^^

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