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As Apple Bloom escorts a drunken Applejack home, Applejack decides to tell her the story of how Equestria came into existence and how ponies were made.

What little of it she can remember, anyway.

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Pretty good story you got here ;)
It's mostly humorous. Even if it isn't quite as funny as I might have hoped for, it was enjoyable all the way through.
One thing that kinda felt off to me however was AB's characterization, though I'm not quite sure how. Perhaps she just acted a bit more mature than I expect of her?
Lastly, the ending was a slight bit... rushed, I guess. It's nice, but doesn't really tie that well in with the rest of the story =/
Either way, it's a fairly cute story, and a nice read, but doesn't quite achieve what it could.

Funny and cute! Nice work. :ajsmug:

As much as she’d love to have something adorning her butt, a special talent involving Pinkie Pie didn’t sound very appealing.

Wise beyond her years, our Apple Bloom is.:ajbemused:

“Were they mares or stallions?” Apple Bloom repeated. “I’m as much of a farm pony as you, and Twilight was kind enough to teach us some basic genetics, though she just did it with plants. With only three ponies to start from, and only one of each species… well, what was the gender ratio?”

That was worth a chuckle. :rainbowlaugh:

Try again when you're not drunk on rainbows, AJ. You'll probably recall a bit more of it.

In any case, a touching story, amusing and heartfelt by turns. And I'm a sucker for creation myths, no matter how they're delivered. Thank you for it.

Honestly, I was expecting a little more on the creation story, but other than that, great on the rest.

Funny, but it got very sweet at the end.

Hilarious, yet touching and feely at the end. :pinkiesad2:

I love the Apple sisters.

Wow I love this story

This was both funny and really cute! Well done, my friend.

Brohoof! /)

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