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I am a graduate student in the sciences who enjoys reading and writing about ponies in my spare time.

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A collection of short stories written for the Thirty Minute Pony Stories Blog. My favorites are "Obsolete," "Wingmares," and "Just Like You."

1. "Obsolete" – Prompt: Applejack falls
Summary: Apple Bloom challenges Applejack to an apple harvesting contest.

2. "Anxiety" – Prompt: Your mind makes it real.
Summary: Fluttershy has a panic attack during her date with Twilight.

3. "Quantum Leap" – Prompt: This is the last line of a story: She closed the gate behind her, confident she would never need to open it again. Your prompt is to write the sequel.
Summary: Twilight finally returns home after getting lost in a series of alternate universes.

4. "Wingmares" – Prompt: Write a story in the second person in which the perspective character (i.e. “you”) is one of the Mane Six or Spike.
Summary: Rainbow Dash asks for Fluttershy's help fighting against a storm.

5. "Invisible Mare" – Prompt: Twilight Sparkle disappears, and only one pony remembers she was ever there at all.
Summary: Ponyville moves on after Twilight leaves for Canterlot

6. "Rainbows over Manehattan" – Prompt: Three ups and three downs of three ponies being in love.
Summary: The Cutie Mark Crusaders move to Manehattan and adjust to life in the Big Apple.

7. "With Some Help from my Friends" – Prompt: Explorers of the Sky.
Summary: Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom help Scootaloo realize her dreams.

8. "Taken for Granite" – Prompt: Ship one of the mane six with someone who isn’t a pony.
Summary: Pinkie surprises the girls with the identity of her new lover.

9. "Seven Minutes in Heaven" – Prompt: Two are stuck in a room.
Summary: Unabashed Twishy shipping :yay:

10. "Love in the Time of Changelings" – Prompt: The only way out is if someone dies.
Summary: Pinkie and her changeling coltfriend, Instar, must escape from the Canterlot dungeons.

11. "Just Like You" – Prompt: All good things must come to an end.
Summary: To Scootaloo, Ponyville just isn't the same without Rainbow Dash around.

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