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It's fanfiction all the way down.


Every year, on Hearthswarming, Berry Punch makes a drink for Fluttershy. One perfect drink.

A gift for Shakespearicles.

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I read this when it was part of the Jinglemas collection, and really liked it. A bit of earth pony magic, a dash of desire, and a heaping helping of characters struggling to articulate themselves makes for a poignant little fic. And the undercurrent of character humor highlights those elements, rather than detracting from them--I love that the moments of levity reinforce the the narrative, rather than coming at its expense. Very nice work.

Pre-reading reaction: As a mixology hobbyist, this premise intrigues me! Let's see what happens with this concept and where it goes!

Post-reading reaction: Ah, that was perfect! As a connoisseur and lover of spirits and their lore and drinking culture in general, I think this very neatly encapsulates the value of letting go of your inhibitions a little, even if that comes by way of alcohol. Berry's depiction here as a wise sage rather than a sloppy lush is refreshing too, even if it still leans on that fandom interpretation of her as a boozehound.

Lovely story, Jaxie! Maybe I'll see about making a RL equivalent of Berry's concoction.

P.S. Oh, and Romulan ale? You big, beautiful Star Trek nerd. :ajsmug:

Emil #3 · Dec 30th, 2018 · · ·

“Discord!” Twilight’s shouting echoed across the castle as she flew into view. “What did you do?”

“Oh, right. Forgot that doesn’t work on alicorns.” Discord snapped his fingers again, and Twilight vanished with a pop and a flash.


Anonpencil? Is that you?

I don't even smoke but I feel like I need a cigarette after this.

That was good. Like really, really good.
Thank you so much for this! It was more than I ever could have imagined!
Merry Jinglemas, and a Happy New Year!

Fetch #6 · Dec 30th, 2018 · · 1 ·

Berry, did you feel a bit Loopy when you Awoke on the day of the Rainboom?

(Yes, I am saying that this is a Loop where Berry is the only one Awake)

Comment posted by KamikazeKawaii deleted Dec 30th, 2018

Thank you for sharing this. Thank you for showing me a Berry Punch that I can lovingly add to the semi-adult version of my head canon. Thank you for making MLP just a little bit richer for me now than it was before I read your story.

Have a wonderful New Year!

I thought Romulan Ale was green.

But I think this is my favorite story this Jinglemas, and I'd remind you that the Spanish Funny one that always wins posted a new story too. This was great!

a short and super good story totally amazing.

I really liked this when I read it in the Jinglemas story, and I’m glad you republished it.

Adorable with a surprising amount of wisdom in it for a fic about alcohol. Liked and favorited!

How very wonderful. Wisdom is as wisdom does, one should always be prepared to hear it, irregardless of it's origin.

"it into a glass shaped like a bit like a closed flower bulb"
"it into a glass shaped a bit like a closed flower bulb"?

The alcohol thing is still rather foreign and strange-seeming to me, but the story was nice. :)

Huh. Kind of like if Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon did house visits.

Berry knows her bartendering. A lovely story, GaPJaxie!

Just the right amount of everything. Thoroughly enjoyed this, I think everyone might need a bit of a drink after this year.

What a nice story. Glad I read it. :scootangel:
When I read the title I thought for a moment we were going to get a hitchhiker moment with the Pan-galactic Gargle Blaster.

Comment posted by LordAlania deleted Dec 31st, 2018

Very nice.

I can't tell if the Lost Moon of Puush was some sort of reference, or just nonsense you threw together for the sake of Discord being Discord.

Berry Punch, far more than rumors would suggest. This is the Berry Punch I want to know.


It's a Doctor Who reference!

See, that's what I figured, but the different spelling threw me off.

Fucking spectacular
I need a drink

Sometimes a bartender is just a bartender, and once a year there something a little more.

Somewhere, Dionysus got a little jealous reading this story.

Why would he be jealous of his daughter's work?

Have you seen what the Greek gods did with their bastards? I mean species, no problem. But mortals outdoing them in alcoholic alchemy? Might end up being a spider or something.

Yes but that fall under the assumptions that the god of liquor would care and that she has surpassed him

With such an incredible take on Berry, and ridiculous amounts of character stuffed into Discords very few lines in the story, I kind of knew this had to be one by a site heavyhitter when I read it.

Guess I was right.

I find myself yet again cursing my lack of foresight in not copying my comments from the Jinglesmas collab, since my brain currently resembles scrambled eggs (it's 5 AM what am I doing with my life) and I'm unable to provide useful commentary. I hope you remember the original comment somewhat, Jaxie.

My general thoughts are that Berry is an incredible interpretation, part timelord part chaos god, and that Discord and Fluttershy's storyline is one of the best examples of concise story telling I've seen in a while.

This is definitely a believable characterization of Discord. He may be "reformed", but his actions constantly shows that he misses the absolute freedom and unfettered lifestyle he used to have. He misses it so much that Tirek managed to manipulate him.

While I'm not sold on the shipping at the end, since it didn't seem built up during the story, someone who is already invested in the ship from other stories and headcannon would probably enjoy it.

In any case, good story! I hope they liked it!


Things are heating up in the Greek Pantheon fandom discussion

Nope, it's blue. Aldeberan Whiskey is green.

... dear lord this is gorgeous.

Thank you for it.

I wonder what would happen when Berry makes Discord a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster?

Noticed that 'Source' doesn't appear when mouse hovers over the cover art, and I couldn't find a link to the original.

Original is https://derpibooru.org/10340

Seconding everything 9379001 and 9378544 said. Great characterizations, great structure, great selection of details, a fitting narrative tone, and a gentle and compassionate insight into a serious problem. Though I will need some bleach to clean that image of the consummation of Discoshy off of my cortex.

Interesting take on Berry.

The normal trope with bartenders is that they listen to the lifestories of the ones they are serving.

Here you made Berry have the ability to fix just the right drink for the right time and place for everyone and seemed to know more about her clients than she lets on. Love it!

I also like the explanation about how being drunk does not mean an excuse for doing stuff while intoxicated as alcohol just lowers our mental barriers.

Pretty sure Berry would give me a cup of apple juice if I ordered a drink from her as I'm not a fan of alcohol

I don't ship it, but I recognize good writing when I sees it. Loved it.


Do you want the universe to end? Because that's how you get class-X apocalypses right there.

Also, one would think that the town drunk/bartender/mystical alcohol fairy would know that alcohol doesn't warm you. It does the exact opposite - it widens the arteries, which makes you bleed heat way faster than usual. You can freeze to death in temperatures that would normally not be a problem if you've got enough alcohol in your system.


She knows that!

Dawww, well done. The first fic wherein I actually liked the fluttercord ship!


Okay, so when she goes out in cold weather wearing no protective clothing, what does that tell us? It's not that cold, and Fluttershy is just overreacting? (Definitely possible.) She's actually suicidal? (Not likely, given her behaviour in the rest of this story.)

Eh, whatever. I'm just overthinking things here, I guess. If I hadn't fixated on this, I might have started to wonder what utterly overpowered eldritch magic Berry Punch can access that she's able to pull anything magical on Discord.

Nah, that's Aldebaran Whiskey.


In the show, we see Twilight and the girls running around the tundra with nothing but a scarf.

Ponies are cold resistant! It's all the magic.


Wow, its skywriter sempai and bad horse sempai!

Good to know you two are also able to set aside whether you agree with the shipping in a given fic when forming an opinion about the fic's quality. Now I feel safe to introduce you to my sonic x rainbow dash x President Obama polyamory fic!

Now this is the way to write an awesome Berry Punch.

I'm sure she'd be more creative than apple juice if it was what you needed. There are plenty of exotic fruits, sodas, and seltzers just waiting to be turned into fizzy mocktails.

okay but see i already ship that

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