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After having sweet, passionate love in the Apple Home, Caramel and Applejack start to panic over the possibility that Apple Bloom might have witnessed their "special adult time".

Did the little filly see them do it, or didn't she? That's the question.

Inspired by an episode of "The King of Queens" (very under-rated show)

Rated teen for the mention of sex, but the sex scene itself is not included.

Image by: http://bronyvectors.deviantart.com/

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This story made me laugh. Good Job! :pinkiehappy:


Thanks, glad to hear it was effective.

Also, thank you for the fave :twilightsmile:

This made my day. But there's one problem...

"Apple Bloom pumped her fist before her eyes lit up"

Otherwise, this was awesome. A winner is you.

It's funnier when you realized that Caramel dated Berry Punch in the Heart and Hooves episode.

Wrestling on the bed!

Now all you need to do is add that argument between Granny Smith, Big Mac and the couple.

Applebloom gave Apple Bloom an encouraging smile.


Funny fic, have a thumb up!

This was an entertaining short read. Great Work! :twilightsheepish:
Also, you might want to fix this: "Applebloom gave Apple Bloom an encouraging smile" :derpyderp1:

Short & sweet, just right, and amazingly clop free. It's only funnier when it has actually happened to you.


Oh God, really? :twilightoops:

That must've sucked :


This was a fairly cliché idea but the comedic skill you showed in realising it makes it stand out. This is a great bit of work and I can actually see poor little Applebloom looking around her, all innocent and incomprehending as Big Mac glares at Caramel and Granny glares at AJ. Of course, what an adult stallion and mare do in their own room is their own business but, for cryin' out loud make sure you close the door next time!

Of course, the only way to stop this from ending up in the hands of the other Crusaders and then in the hands of Rarity :raritycry: and Rainbow Dash :rainbowkiss: and thence throughout the town... if not throughout all Equestria... would be to explain to Applebloom exactly what was going on and why she shouldn't ever mention it. I'm sure that Granny will let Applejack handle that bit as it is more-or-less her fault and she's the one of the pair who is of the appropriate gender to give Applebloom 'the talk'.

Years Later...
"So, Auntie Applebloom, how did you get your Cutie Mark?"

"Sugarcube... that's a long, embarrassin' story and ah don't think that ah can tell you the details jest yet..."

I LOVED THE ENDING. Here's a gif for you:


:rainbowlaugh: Hahahaha, behold the birth of the newest Caramel/Aj shipping artist.
That was fun read, with any luck for Aj, Applebloom will stick to non shipping artwork!...Unless she does a SoarinDash one...then I want a copy...:rainbowwild:

Caught this though:
Granny Smith asked confused before he noticed her grand-daughter

That was truly enjoyable. Especially the ending. Keep up the good work.


Will do, and thanks for the fave :pinkiehappy:

Oh lordy that was rich! :rainbowlaugh: Have a like!


<takes like> Thank ya kindly good sir

Ha ha, bet this happened in real life a bunch of times.

Very good, but one would think that living on a farm, with farm animals, any kid/foal Apple Bloom's age would already know about reproduction. I think farm kids are always the first to know about that, too.

I think I just about pissed myself with laughter. Thank you kind sir :D


Glad to leave an impression :rainbowlaugh:

Now this deserves to be featured. Anyways, it's on the "Popular stories" list :D. Oh, and this story made me laugh so much, hope to see more excellence in writing from you!


I'll try! Also what's the "popular stories" list?

Oh sweet! Haha thanks for alerting me, that's awesome :rainbowkiss:

:rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh::raritywink::applecry::applejackunsure::derpyderp2: omg that is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

I enjoyed this. Had a few chuckles. The King of Queens is a great show! :rainbowkiss:


I lolled.
So hard.

Oh ye little foals... You make me laugh with your innocence. Laugh harder than a horse's...
:pinkiegasp: :twilightoops: NOPE! Not doing it! :fluttershbad: Noooooooooot doing it! :facehoof:


*Noon Mane walks in to see Sikanto laughing really hard*

Noon: What's so funny?
Sikanto: This fic I'm reading.
Noon: What's it about?
Sikanto: See for yourself....
*Noon Mane reads the fic then starts uncontrollably laughing*
Noon: Hahahahaha thats hhahahahaa funny!
Sikanto: I know right?

LMAOROLF funniest shit I Eva read.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::twilightblush:

At least it wasn't a voyeurism cutie mark... That would have been awkward to the extreme.

:rainbowlaugh: the ending was priceless

Epic Lulzatry

I love childhood ignorance XD

If that happened to me. i'd be puttin the smack down

I think the point where you won me forever was "I have a very detailed mind."

I was in tears.

Fifteen years later, "Mommy, how'd you get your cutie mark?" Followed by an awkward silence from Applejack and uncontrollable giggling by Applebloom

Oh God... What the... Agh!

That was incredibly entertaining, particularly the end when Applebloom spontaneously got her cutie mark.

Ok, that was almost embarassing to read just "ahh". :facehoof:
Aside from the serious awkward level it was well written, and i have no detraction to the story, but it simply isn't my preference for pleasant reading.
I read this story after reading it's follow up story that i do enjoy, and i knew the awkward was coming but still just not for me.


No prob, sorry if I caused you to feel uncomfortable by suggesting it. :pinkiesad2:

Hey it is completely fine really :twilightblush:, i jumped on the story before i received your feedback.
I try to be open minded while i read on here and i do not expect perfection, There is nothing wrong with the story, its just this level of embarrassing humor is simply not my cup of tea.
My unfortunate reception to it will not deter me from reading the third piece whatsoever.


Great! First I have to actually get on writing that. Hopefully soon

holly damn this was beautiful. i can't stop smileing, i was SO scared her beauty mark was something sexual, THANK GOODNESS

you just have to make a sequel of this you just have to

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