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Horrifically Fun


Apple Bloom is bringing over her ‘colt friend’ for dinner, but she and the rest of the apple family have some concerns that the Apple's matriarch may not be progressive enough to accept this new relationship.

Inspired by a conversation with Nova Quill.

Wonderful cover art by ALSO by Nova Quill.

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Comments ( 94 )

This was cracky, but fun.

I liked it!

That was a thing alright XD

Hint: He's on the Cover Art!

Applebloom is bringing an apple tree to dinner? Why would Granny have a problem with that?
Oh wait 0:47-0:53

"I was just inside, taking a crap, I'm old, takes me a while. Come outside, there's a tree in my living room, what's up?"

About a third of the way through I was half expecting some long winded story from Granny Smith about how she and Grandpa Apple had a polygamous relationship with a Changeling drone way on sixty years back.


I can't say I had that in mind, but the idea of going deeper into Granny's odd sexual exploits had occurred to me more than once.

And nothing of value was lost.

Except the cart.

Nah, that debacle was with a Zebra and a Goat. :rainbowlaugh:

Get a few sentances in.
Character refers to his girlfriend as "babe."
Already dispise him.

“Uh… Yo! Gran-Gran! How’s it going?”

That physically hurt to read, but the rest was fun.

Not the most random thing I've ever read, but still... what the fuck?

Okay, how do you consistently manage to make such good comedy?

As a black man, noticing the clear references...

I fucking bust a gut laughing. Keep it up.

Hey Dad, wanna meet my new boyfriend?

You sure he'll be ok with me babe?

Yes of course he will be, he's very open minded


“Ah, don’t sweat the details, babe,” the raspy voice said. “What’s important is that big sis and big bro love you and also have full sets of working organs!”
Everypony went silent.

“… What?” the raspy voice replied. “You never know when an extra kidney or heart might even come in handy.”
“… Ponies only have one heart,” Apple Bloom informed.
“Yeah! And you have TWO siblings!”

This... this is where I lost it.

“Huh… That’s kinda a sensible question,” Applejack admitted. She looked towards Pronotum, “Why are you still black?”
“‘Cause the new changeling look is g*y as f!&k, ya dig?”

Meh. Depends on perspective.

Shame.... even Equestria doesn't like Bojack :applecry:


Bojack doesn't even like Bojack.

Me after reading this

I have to admit nothing can beat that cute picture of Apple Bloom with the sheepish grin on her face. The smug or annoyed look on Apple Jacks face and the 'what was she thinking' look on Granny Smith's face are rather cute. Great story hope to see a sequel to this. :twilightsmile:

7848735 The real Bojack has come for the false Horseman who dares steal his name!


And he is most displeased!

Dang chernglerngs.

What the sideways dumpster fuck did I just burn my eyeballs on?

i am going to guess this is set BEFORE the season 6 finale, seeing as that changeling in the coverart is the original changelings. i will give this a read at some point later


Actually, the fact that it's the old style changeling is addressed.

You know the term 'hole-leg' isn't going to mean shit to the new changelings, considering they don't have holes in their legs anymore

wow twilight, racist much?

I like how in the cover art Granny Smith has a smile wile Apple Jack just has a dead pan expression. I think this was during the dirty stories about Granny's past lovers:trollestia:

Squeal like a Cheese leg...:ajsmug:
:eeyup: Pig slop's mighty good today
:twilightsmile: He made friends with a lot of pigs
:moustache: King? He's just a skittle bug
:pinkiegasp: Doomies other cousins brothers roommate from collage !
:applecry: what's that mean?
:pinkiehappy: absolutely nothing!



Huh... Cheese leg is WAY funnier... I'mma steal it.:trollestia:

And credit you.

“‘Cause the new changeling look is g*y as f!&k, ya dig?”


Why is this fella black?

Yeup, that's where Twilight comes in and goes on for six hours about racial stereotypes and racial profiling. :rainbowlaugh: Not that I approve of such behavior, but damn these lines were funny. I agree with Proto, that's my nickname for him, the new changeling look is F%**ing g^y.

7849478 This... What not was I was expecting. I honestly thought this was an actual clopfic.

Still enjoyed the hell out of it though.

7849527 It was very different. Funny as hell, with all the sexual innuendos. :rainbowlaugh:

7849478 Im really glad you spelled it like that, otherwise I would have been so offended, I might have killed myself.

Cheese leg, cheese leg, cheese leg, cheese leg, cheese leg.

Either everypony can say it, or no pony(including changelings) can say it.

This story really isn't my cup of tea, but I wanted to drop in and say that the Applebloom in your cover art is one of the cutest teenage interpretations I've ever seen. :heart:

Hilarious. Especially all the insinuated sex stories Granny was telling. So the only reason her changeling 'friend' is still black is because he's still evil. Way to keep the racism going, there. XD

Also, I love 'idgit'...cuz Bobby from Supernatural.

Why isn't black!changeling still with Chrysalis, since he's obviously still stealing love rather than sharing it. :rainbowderp:

I have no idea what I just read, I literally just woke up and have work in half an hour...have a Thumbs Up


Your icon really sells this comments. :rainbowlaugh:

I was thinking as I read through that it wasn't that it was a changeling, it was that he kept screaming 'bad-boy' and that Apple Bloom was completely glossing over that and focusing on that he might not be accepted as a changeling. I called it correctly, but of course we got all the other stuff in the process, like the insinuation Granny has slept with several different species and so on, and Twilight being a drug junkie.

Hilarious story. Nice work man.

“That’s our word! You can’t just use it like that!”


“Time’s up! Let’s do this!”

7850366 you, good sir/madam, are a true genius

7849545 I'm glad I didn't offend you. :twilightsmile: I'm here to read and have fun not make fun of people. Granted I'll make fun of ponies all day and night cause, it's cartoon ponies. They do dumb and silly things. :scootangel: It's like watching intelligent cats trying to do stuff with friendship minus the meowing and purring.

THIS is how you do farce, people. :)

And then we all find out the entire thing was an acted out play of someponies weird fanfic written, when drunk, anout their favorite cider brewers.

7848426 bow-chicka-bow-wow

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