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Sigma is an Australian artist who also writes things.

One-Shot Competition Thing - Ideas

Where you can go to submit ideas yourself - NOW CLOSED

1) Elric of Melnipony - Cheerilee covers for Celestia due to her remarkably similar voice. This goes as well as anypony expects.

2) SLthethird - Fluttershy suddenly becomes incredibly aroused, and asks all her friends for sex in the most covert of ways she can manage for each. Sex probably ensues.

3) Drakkith - A cupcake is about to hit the ground. Pinkie rushes to save it.

4) StormbadgerXIII - Fluttershy learns about bacon OR [Anthro] Rarity and Applejack have secret sex in Golden Oaks Library, while Twilight is studying upstairs.

Stories in Planning

1) Wings of Crystal: [humanised] Rarity starts suffering from a mysterious disease which slowly turns her body into crystal

2) The Life of Lyra: Lyra wants a simple life, but the universe doesn't agree.

3) Enervation - Tale of the Plague: A mysterious plague is slowly destroying Equestria, and only Octavia and her friends can save it.

4) Fallout: Equestria - Angel of Death: A gunsmith from a small town suffers the worst of luck.


6) The Crusaders of Stonewall: [humanised] Four girls live a life of crime and underground work to provide for themselves and their family.

7) New World: [humanised] An ancient, damaged arcane machine transports Twilight and her friends to another world in a new form.

8) The Magic of Six: [humanised] An alternate take on the official story in which 1) they're all humanised and 2) Rarity, Applejack and Pinkie (and others) are genderswapped.

9) Eternity Rift: When a breach in reality opens up in Eternity's Crossing and enormous Daemons come out, ponykind create their own. (Pacific Rim crossover)

10) <unnamed>: Diamond Tiara's life takes a turn.

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Moving to Archive of our Own! · 3:27pm Nov 30th, 2015

Greetings, people who actually bother to follow me and still pay attention to a rambling Aussie bloke.

Sorry for my considerable absence, I've been failing university and looking for employment. Also, far out of touch with the MLP fandom.

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1148453 Oh, right.

No. Hiatus means 'pause', and indefinite means 'endless'. So, it's on an endless pause until I can 1) find the time and 2) be bothered working on it.

1145758 The Warmth of the heart.

1140737 Start what soon, specifically?

1084620 So does that mean you are going to start it soon? Because it sounds interesting and I would like to read it.

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