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help · 3:50am Feb 23rd, 2013

help i am trying to find a fanfic but i cant remember the name of it there was a reading of it a while back but i cant remember the name of who read it all i know is it involves the mane six and an oc pony i think the pony if i remember correctly was a stallion with a black or blue mane with red tips on the end twilight has a cruch on him and rainbow dash rapes him that is all i know if you know the fan fic please reply and i will tell you if it the one or not


A Sonic Rainboom

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Thanks for the fave :)

Thank you for adding “A Gift Worthy of a King” to your favourites :twilightsmile:

I hope you will enjoy reading my story :)

Thank you for favoriting my Griffon clopfic, export more chapters to come :)

Glad you liked my new story. If you have any constructive criticism I'm all ears.

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