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Ugh · 9:44pm Jun 8th, 2014

Yea, that whole thing about writing?
Well, I started writing the first chapter of my new story.
And well, about a week after my last blog post I was kicked off my computer. Permanently.
So, yea. I've been trying to write when I can. But it's hard.
As a matter of fact, the only reason I have time to post this is because I'm not home.
So yes, my next story has been postponed for some time.
I MIGHT be able to post the first chapter (when it's finished) sometime in the next two weeks.

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Hello sir or madame,
I am Obsidian Raindrop the creator of a group known as The Great and Not Obsessive Trixie I am here to ask if you would like your story to be added to my group.
The only requirements are:
1. You have a story about Trixie and she is not completely obsessing over her lose at the hands of Twilight. (She can hate that she lost to twilight and even try and beat again but she just can't be be so obsessive like she is in most stories. )
2. She may be a supporting character or a main character it does not matter.
3. i can`t think of a third thing
It's me Osidian again asking you guys to do stuff you don't want to.
1. tell me the name of your story and the one folder you want it in
2. join the group it is really cool and we'll soon get a banner up
3. fallow because it will boost my confidence
Sorry to all those who either received this email twice or who don`t have trixie as a main or supporting character. Also just PM me if you want your story added.
Yours truly, Obsidian Raindrop

93019 I'm sorry. I didn't know you didn't know. @~@

Dare to be Different, Carpe Diem, and Live Life to the Fullest! /)(\

64032 well, you deserved it. Thou art worthy. :moustache:

63865 Second out of all your reads, eh? Is it really that good? I only wish it had more publicity.

I'm sorry it takes me so long to actually write, though. I have so many ideas, and so many things I want to do with 'Derp on Over the Rainbow'. I just never find the time to actually write.

Either way, thanks for the praise!

Dare to be Different, Carpe Diem, and Live Life to the Fullest! /)(\

I feel like saying hi to a random person, (and I'm only picking one) and I picked you out of my watch list at random. Congrats, I guess. I guess I'll congratulate you again on the awesomeness of DOOTR, it's ranked 2nd out of all my reads.

57190 The d'aw is strong in that photo.

Dare to be Different, Carpe Diem, and Live Life to the Fullest! /)(\

I just looked at the link in your bio...so much d'awww my heart exploded:rainbowkiss::twilightblush::fluttershysad::pinkiesad2:

Thanks for the fave on my fic :twilightsmile: I love your fic and cant wait to see what you have in store for your next one! By the way, if you need a proofreader, just let me know, I'll be happy to help. Not that I think you need one, your fics are great anyway , but just an offer.

11097 Luck? What is this 'luck' you speak of? I've never heard of it, but I assure you, I need none of your 'luck' for this war! It is you who needs luck!

....Okay, that's a lie. You're going to crush my ass, and I know it. But if it is war that you truly want, it is war that I shall give!

P.S. Of course this is all in good fun.

Dare to be Different, Carpe Diem, and Live Life to the Fullest! /)(\

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