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A group dedicated to the filles and colts we all know and love! Please, fillies and colt's only with the exception of Cheerilee. OC fillies and colts are permitted as well.

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What is this group abut? it wring?

i just joined Cherilees class!

Don't know if this has been answered yet, but I linked the question to you, Hollyfern.

HEY! cutiemarkcursaders im just a little filly well 12 but you and Paintednote are my BEST pony friends!:derpytongue2:

Hello, everyone!

Excuse me? My fic "student Teacher Relationship" got on the main page, should I try and put it in the Main folder?

Comment posted by iMac1998 deleted Feb 23rd, 2013

These ponies need more love. Foals and Cheerilee as a whole. Sun Glimmer, Archer, Chip Mint, Bloo, Dinky, Featherweight, Pipsqueak, Cotton Cloudy, Tootsie Flute, Silver Spoon, Cheery, Alula, Twist, the CMC's, Shady Daze, Truffle Shuffle, Snails, Strike, Snips, Lance, Rumble... you get the point.

....Anypony else think that Sun Glimmer's cutie mark is a sun with a pair of sunglasses on?:trollestia:

It won't let me add my story to the sub folder, so... in the main section it goes.

:yay: That fills me with joy. :rainbowkiss:

196080 It's fine! :pinkiesmile: I tracked it. I'm enjoying it!

192883 Its okay Scarlett~ :pinkiehappy: Thank you anyway.:heart:

I added a story of mine, i hope it's ok.:twilightblush:

Holly, my interwebs are brittle and fragile things right now. (My connection is terrible.) So I haven't been able to even look at your google doc aside from the one time. Sorry I can't be more help right now. Three more months and I'll be home, can't happen soon enough.

Does that mean if my fic is focused on Scootaloo only, then it shouldn't be under the CMC?

I suppose i should be more specific, whoever the main spotlight is on is how you should categorize.

Alright. It's a Scootaloo fic, but I guess it goes under CMC :scootangel:

Join the group aand then go to your stories thing, open your story and it should say "Add to group" on the bottom with referrals and all that.

Well this is new. Can I post a fic of mine into a relevant area, or do I have to submit, or what?


Wait... when did we get groups?

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