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Ever thought that maybe Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara have problems going on in their lives? That maybe they bully other ponies because they just need a buncha hugs?

Well, it could be true. I figure we should test it. Grab the two of them and give them a really big group hug. And keep doing it until they act nicer.

We might need some rope...

I put in other folders for stories about other ponies that need or get hugs, by the way.

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I guess I need to be here.
In part due to the stories I have, where they are included.
Not sure if these stories will be popular here or not, but there isn't any Pony killing either of the two fillies.
They just have a bit of a hard time. then again, who has never had a hard or rough time?
340863 To be correct, there are currently 160 of us here.

I have a video that explains my head cannon on why Diamond is so mean to the CMC. I think she is massively misunderstood. Maybe. And Silver Spoon is just a follower, so she's cool to.

Here because I'm flexible: I can depict the deadly duo any way possible, and because Silver is probably not so bad.

I joined because I like antagonists ._.

They sunk to the lowest of the low in Flight to the Finish, but you do have a point. I'm willing to give your idea a chance.:unsuresweetie:

340870 I like the name order, and you already explained the (thing with this) so if you were to change anything, I'd just (remove this part) because, much like how Silver Spoon walks ahead of DT from time to time in the show, so too should she be allowed to have her name first on mentions.

(Screw the alphabet, S goes before T and in library system it goes by last names of authors.) :P

340855 Oh, but of course. Hugging is adorable. After all, we all know how AB gets if she can't hug anypony. :unsuresweetie: Don't want her all mopey, now do we? :applecry:


You know, I actually put Silver Spoon first just 'cause I always see them written as Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon? I might make the group name more general eventually, though.

--Sweetie Belle


That's one reason I kinda pushed a little and promoted 'til the group was trending. I really wanted this group to do better.

And, well, this group's about hugs, and I like hugs anyways. I'd thought a few times before this about making a more general hugging group...

--Sweetie Belle


Yeah, that was my first reaction to that group, and then creating this one was my second. Of course, this group has 55 members, and that group only has 5. And I created this group within an hour or so of that one, I think...

--Sweetie Belle


I probably will in a few days, once everypony forgets that the "Kill Diamond Tiara (And Silver Spoon!)" group exists. Right now, the title's kinda making fun of that.

That's what this thread is for, of course! It's always hug time there. ^_^

Just make sure some hugging's involved. :unsuresweetie:

--Sweetie Belle

I think they deserve a chance:twilightsmile:

I still think DT is an incorrigible flank-face, but I'm willing to test this theory of yours, Miss SweetAI.

340742 I wish I could write a story about that picture. If only I weren't swamped with my current stories and their updates. Hmm... I'll make time, too much adorableness to miss. That's okay with everyone here, right?

Iz it can be hugz tiem now plz? :3

Well, just let me know which folder to put it int, since it is mature

OMG "Why am I crying" hurts sooo good so far. I love Scoot and AB's POV best because Scoots deals with Silver Spoon and the apple family are close with Mr Rich. I think I cried the hardest when :applecry: listened in on :eeyup: and Filthy Rich talking. Looking forward to what AB finds in DT's diary. But I think Silver Spoon deserves to be the first to read.:twilightsheepish:


Oh, I'm really glad to have other ponies adding stories to the group. And I pretty much figure, if they actually were hugged at any point, it goes in the got a hug pile. Needing a hug would be more like something bad happens and they're really depressed about it. So, like, in "Why am I crying?", Silver Spoon needs a hug 'cause Diamond died.

Of course, I added folders for a few others I thought might need a hug, like Gilda or Spike...

--Sweetie Belle

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