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A group for fans of everyone's favorite metallic filly!

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I believe silver is a perfect match for Scoots is that ok

Comment posted by hawthornbunny deleted Nov 8th, 2016


Hello! I seek the most adorable gray one.:heart:

Comment posted by SunBlaze deleted Oct 15th, 2015

Congrats Silver, you've proven who is the first class filly!

Even before I saw the truth and realized Diamond Tiara had redeeming qualities, I always liked Silver Spoon.

I'm new to this group so go easy on me

396258 YAY:pinkiehappy: *hugs silver spoon*

394527 - you're welcome! Thanks for joining. ^_^

Thanks for letting me join! Silver Spoon is best filly!

Some1 shud make a Spoony x reader fic PLZZ:fluttershysad::raritystarry::pinkiesad2:

383300 aww ur soo KAWII:pinkiehappy:

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