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A group for all ponies with glasses! Please invite other readers and add stories in the correct character folder, character must wear glasses!

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For information on which Ponies have been spotted wearing Glasses of any kind, see the list below provided by VitalSpark.

» Silver Spoon
» Mayor Mare
» Rarity (occasionally)
» Twilight Sparkle (rarely)
» Twist
» Photo Finish
» Vinyl Scratch
» Hoity Toity
» Spitfire
» Trenderhoof
» Snails (when Trixie does an age spell on him)
» Cheese Sandwich (in flashbacks to when he was a colt)
» Bon Bon (in flashbacks to when she was a filly)
» Zipporwhill (filly who invites Ponytones to sing at her party in Filli Vanilli)
» Nightjar (fan name for the father of Zipporwhill)
» Raven (Celestia's PA, sometimes shown as Mayor Mare's PA)
» Silver Shill (sometimes)
» Cloudy Quartz (Pinkie's mother)
» Apple Rose (Granny Smith's favourite cousin)
» Doctor Horse (doctor who treats Rainbow Dash in Read it and Weep, and appears in a few other episodes)
» Commander Easyglider (perhaps? He's never been shown in the show, but Twilight dresses up at him, and wears glasses)
» Grace (fan name for the receptionist in Rarity Takes Manehattan)
» Uncle Wing (fan name for the pony that sold Trixie the alicorn amulet)
» Big Wig (bowler from The Cutie Pox, who appears in a few other episodes in the background)
» All Aboard (fan name for the train conductor)
» Doc Top (doctor who examines Spike in Secrets of my Excess)
» Bill Neigh (professor in The Crystal Empire - Part 1)
» Neon Lights (sometimes, such as in Sweet and Elite)
» Gizmo (pony that buys asparagus in Putting Your Hoof Down and appears as a background pony in a few other episodes)
» Lucy Packard (fan name for the stage manager at the Best Young Flyer contest)
» Madden (fan name for the announcer at the same competition)
» Chelsea Porcelain (fan name for an elderly background pony seen on the train in the title sequence)
» Lemon Chiffon (fan name for a pony saved by Mare-Do-Well on the bus, and appears in a few other episodes)
» Picture Perfect (fan name for a background pony that looks a little like Photo Finish)
» Play Write (fan name for the teacher in Rarity's flashback during Cutie Mark Chronicles)
» Silver Frames (in Fancy Pants' entourage)
» Golden Gavel (ditto)
» Spaceage Sparkle (fan name for one of Rarity's competitors in Rarity Takes Manehattan)
» Surf (fan name for a mean pony in Putting Your Hoof Down)
» Brindle Young (fan name for a pony that appears in some of Granny Smith's flashback sequences)
» Caesar (fan name for a pony at the Grand Galloping Gala, though he wears a monacle)
» Classy Clover (fan name for another background pony that is a recolour of Caesar)
» Dance Fever (the pony that's "too flashy" for Cheerilee in Hearts and Hooves Day)
» Persnickety (fan name for pony that's "too uptight" in same episode)
» Harry Trotter PHOTO NOT FOUND (fan name for a background pony)
» Lockdown (fan name for Sapphire Shores' security guard)
» Match Game (fan name for the antique chicken trader in Trade Ya)
» Pipe Down PHOTO NOT FOUND(fan name for an elderly background pony)
» Steel Wright PHOTO NOT FOUND(fan name for a background pony in Applejack's Cutie Mark Chronicles flashback)
» Tall Order (background pony in several Manehattan and Canterlot scenes, including appearing as a guest at Applejack's aunt and uncles dinner party in her Cutie Mark Chronicles flashback)
» Mr Waddle PHOTO NOT FOUND(pony that Pinkie greets in A Friend in Deed; also "too old" for Cheerilee in Hearts and Hooves Day)
» Walter (pony that looks like Walter from The Big Lebowski and appears in The Cutie Pox).
» Withers (Dr Caballeron's henchman in Daring Don't)
» Mr Zippy PHOTO NOT FOUND(fan name for a pony that delivers the wrong mail to Fluttershy)
» Amethyst Maresbury (librarian at the Crystal Empire library)
» Fast Clip (a member of the Wonderbolt Academy staff)
» Whiplash (fan name for a member of the Wonderbolt Academy staff)
» Crystal Clear PHOTO NOT FOUND(fan name for an examiner in Twilight's school entry exam in Cutie Mark Chronicles)
» Little Red (background pony from Twilight Time with an abacus cutie mark)
» Plum Star PHOTO NOT FOUND(fan name for a colt at Sweetie Belle's fifth birthday party in Inspiration Manifestation)
» One of the Mane-iac's unnamed henchponies
» An unnamed elderly stallion in Somepony to Watch Over Me
» A pony that appears to be Bulk Biceps' mother seen in the background in Equestria Games PHOTO NOT FOUND
» A green-maned market vendor during the song Pinkie the Party Planner in Pinkie Pride
» Unnamed comic book geek colt in Trade Ya

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please add raven inkwelll

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

Braces and glasses are the two things that enhance the adorableness of a pony, or Equestria Girl by 100%

If you want the reaally obscure stuff:

G3's Daffidazey

Why was I not informed of this sooner? :pinkiegasp:

I so dig glasses.. Seriously, they enhance the cuteness of anything by atleast tenfold. I had no idea this group existed or else I would have been first to sign up. Thanks for the invite! :twistnerd:

Hello fellow ponies with glasses.

I love ponies in glasses! :twistnerd:


Glasses make you look more like a nerd and nerd are far sexier and cooler than anyone else. Thus the improvement.

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