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Lady Froey

Lack of coffee leads to poor decisions in life.

About me

"Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks was the best romantic comedy of 2014. You can quote me on that." -Lady Froey

A southern queer lady in her mid-20's with a love for video games, music, coffee, art and cartoons. For the curious I am a mostly liberal, feminist, vegan bitch.

As a reader I like slice of life, drama and romantic fics. I can also enjoy an adventure fic once in a while. When it comes to writing I tend to write the previously mentioned genres, I also tend to prefer realism over fantasy... mostly. ;)

I am also the founder of the LGBT group, and an admin for Transgender Bronies and Anti-Depression Ponies. Feel free to message me anytime, my inbox is always open. Same goes for my comment box below.


My Equestria Girls Series

  • Parting Ways With her friends from Canterlot High, Sunset Shimmer attended Camp Everfree and managed to save it from being lost forever. When her past comes back to haunt her, however, she is reminded that not all things can be saved. by Lady Froey 3,042 words · 1,296 views · 52 likes · 5 dislikes
  • By Her Side After losing her powers at the Battle of the Bands, Adagio separates herself from the Sirens and spent the last several years adjusting to living as a regular individual in the human world. Attending the local college, she runs into Sunset Shimmer. by Lady Froey 46,692 words · 3,054 views · 182 likes · 14 dislikes

My Vinyl Scratch Series

  • Major and Minor Vinyl Scratch goes through the hardship of her teenage years. by Lady Froey 35,515 words · 589 views · 54 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Music to His Ears Vinyl Scratch struggles with their relationship, identity, past, music and coping with the effects of their actions on others. by Lady Froey 46,413 words · 2,557 views · 199 likes · 13 dislikes

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