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A Diamond Birthday to Celebrate · 1:08am May 28th, 2021

Diamonds, they are often found 'In the Rough'.
They come in many shapes and sizes.
But the most sought after feature is the brilliant fire that shines inside the clarity the finished gem.

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Wow. Beautiful and incredibly accurate description of both. You're going to make me cry!
I just remember my racing friend telling me about his heart a while ago... I never followed up on it. You learn something new every day!
Like I said, I'm more into dressage and the eventing classes... but even there I can't keep up all the time. Can barely keep up with my own horse. :rainbowlaugh:

Secretariat's 'cousin' Sham (both horses have Princequillo as dam-sire), holds the record for largest measured heart for a horse at 18 pounds. The same Veterinarian, Dr. Thomas Swerczek, conducted the necropsies on both horses, and though Red's heart was never officially measured, when asked how Secretariat's compared, he simply said 'Bigger'. (Estimate c.20 pounds)

Regarding Secretariat, I wrote this a while ago;

"Every once, in a very long while, there comes a horse, a very special horse, a True Born Heir to Pegasus himself, the embodiment of an ancestor more than two centuries his senior, a flash of burnished copper glinting in the sun, who's speed, strength, and charisma capture the public's imagination like no other. Secretariat was that kind of horse, the kind that comes along just once ... in an Eclipse."

And for Sham;

"Sleep the sleep of Heroes sweet boy ...
For your opponent was less near to merely mortal
And closer to becoming a God."

Ah, I see. Yeah, Staccato's a special case. Otherwise, I definitely couldn't keep him.
He's a good spirit animal to have :twilightsmile: Wasn't his heart.. twice the size of a "normal" horse? I feel that may be both figurative and literal, based on his track record...

  • Viewing 157 - 161 of 161
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